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    Help with Trinket choice (balance)

    Hello, i can't really figure out if i should buy the vp shado pan assault trinket or not. I am currently using relic of yulon (upgraded twice) and shock charger medallion(non upgraded). This isn't my main and the group my druid raids with is just 5/6 mv 1/6 HoF 0/4 terrace, and since this isn't my main i would feel bad taking trinkets over others mains so anything that would drop i prolly would only go for if no mains needed it. So lfr and valor are my best ways of getting gear.

    I bought and played around with the vp trinket and was seeing a not so great uptime on it(although the testing i did with it was just two lfr's) so even though i'm sure its better than atleast shock charger medallion, if not both my trinkets, i was curious if i was just better of buying other vp items first and hoping for a lfr trinket to drop than buying the trinket for now.

    on a quick second question would 2pc tier 14 and 2p tier15 be better than 4pc tier 14, assuming all tier pieces are lfr quality?

    thank you for any help.

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    Yes 2+2 sets > 4set. As for the trinkets, I believe ROY+VP Trinket is better; as far as waiting for lfr trinkets, Light of the cosmos from Elegon is better than what you have, but not as good as the VP trinket, and the new trinkets in TOT are all from later bosses, so you could be waiting a long time for those. I say pick up the VP trinket

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    As far as the vp trinket not having a good up time it has twice the proc as other trinks so it should proc about half the amount of times others but have dubble the proc and yes useing dubble 2 set will be better i don't know what your haste is at atm but my druid when i droped 4 set i also droped my haste trink and i was still over the 5k haste break point so all i was loseing from droping 4 set was the 2 sec on each dot and factoring in all the new stats from the new gear it will far out weigh the 2 sec on dots

    Also this is pure just my thoughts on trinkets but your bis will be dark animus crit trink and lei shen trinket the reason the 4 sec 100% crit proc will be amazing is based on geting SS procs and haveing them crit to extend your 2 100% crit dots and with new 2 set your SS has a 10% crit so in say full reg bis gear your looking at around 50% crit on SS if not more

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