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    ElvUI and Demonology + Raven skinning

    Hi, I am trying to configure ElvUi like my old UI as it uses about 30 less megs than my original ui, but I am having trouble with the stances demonology has. So I have [nostance] 1; [stance:1] 8; for caster form and metamorphosis, but I cannot get it to function for Dark Apotheosis which also shows on the same bar as Metamorphosis. How would I go about making my Dark Apoth "stance" page the same bar as Metamorphosis (which is bar 8) ? Any help would be appreciated!

    Also, ever since I re enabled Raven (http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/raven), it is now showing a black panel type bar behind all of the text, and my original config does not have that. I looked through Raven to try to fix it and its all disabled and Im using my original profile. Is ElvUi the cause for the skin and where do I disable this? I tried looking under the skins option, and dont see anything for it.


    On the left is how it looked originally, on the right is how it looks now, and Elv changed its font and trying to configure Raven it wont let me fix it. Does anyone know how to stop Elv from trying to take Raven over so I can use it independently? Thanks

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    I had the same problem too

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