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    New to hunter, need help with MD macros.

    Can you do such a macro that would target the tank in party and the pet when solo? Preferably without having to swap the names of who to MD to every time

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    #showtooltip Misdirection
    /cast [help][@focus,help][@pet,exists] Misdirection

    This will first attempt to misdirect your target if it is friendly, it will then attempt to misdirect your focus target, if you have no focus target it will misdirect your pet. Simply keybind focus target to something and focus the tank when you join a group. If you ever want to MD someone else, use MD as normal and select them first (even if you have a focus target). When soloing, you shouldn't really have a focus target so it'll go to your pet.

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    A slight improvement on the above macro:

    #showtooltip Misdirection
    /cast [help][@focus,help,nodead][@pet,exists] Misdirection

    It'll misdirect to your pet if your focus target is dead. Useful for those occasions when the tank goes splat.

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    #showtooltip Misdirection
    /cast [help,nodead][mod:Shift,target=TankName,nodead,exists][@focus,help,nodead][@pet,exists,nodead] Misdirection
    What I use, Basically what the others have posted.

    What it does:
    • Cast MD if target is friendly and alive.
    • Else it cast on your current focus target, if focus is friendly and alive.
    • If neither target, focus is alive or friendly, it cast on pet, if alive or exists.
    • IF you use 'Shift' with the keybind, it'll cast MD on a certain person you've previously entered, assuming they are alive and exist.

    Basic use + Guild Raid Group use.
    I use my OffTanks name for the Mod:Shift, and I focus my MainTank. This way I can control which tank I send it too. On fights like Horridon when tanks would switch who was on Adds, it was very helpful.

    ~I originally created the Macro back in early ICC days. As a DK Tank I had Hysteria(?), all the melee would beg for it. To make things simple, I assigned a priority order for who should get it. Had it target them in order of (who benefited the most, who I liked most, who paid me the most, lol) assuming they were still alive or present. The Mod:Shift was for me, if they got to needy, I'd take it for myself.. lol~

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