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    I honestly think a lot of people don't actually like the actual gameplay of WoW, and just get into it because, compared to other types of games, it's fairly easy to play. Like, it's a time-sink and they want digital shinies. Probably why MMOs attract a lot of non-traditional gamers, or something. The barrier for entry is waaaaaaaaaaay low compared to, like... Street Fighter, Starcraft, Battlefield, or whatever.

    Hell, look at how many people who say various aspects of the game don't even "count". It's hilarious and sad.

    The following, according to most, do not count:

    - Random BGs
    - Dungeons
    - Scenarios
    - LFR
    - 2vs2 Arena
    - Anything 1-89
    - Dailies
    - Questing at all
    You're quite right. This is also why so many folks want the shortest way possible to a certain level, why so many folks want the hardest content in the game at any point in time nerfed, why they want anything they'd consider 'tedious' removed.

    For these people, there's no joy to be found in the actual doing, it's only in the attaining that any satisfaction is found. That doesn't seem to stop Blizzard from catering to them however.
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    I do for the hero I create the way I like it and I find WoW has much more to offer than any other mmorpg atm.
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