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    Quick Disc Question

    Currently learning disc now that I think I finally have holy down. Question is thus:

    With incoming damage, such as Rampage from Megaera, will I get more "healing" out of PW:S blanketing or casting POH when it will hit the whole group for max heal? This is when pennance is on cd as is t6 ability.

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    As long as at least 3 or more people in the party will get healed by PoH, PoH will do more healing and will be more mana efficient than PW:S spam. The Disc AoE healing rotation is just like holy use PoH and keep PoM on CD with the exception of no CoH. However, you do have access to spirit shell, archangel, inner focus and borrowed time all of which can improve you AoE healing. You will also want to keep PoM on CD during AoE phases and If someone is in danger of dying I use PW:S on low health targets or to occationally get the borrowed time haste buff for faster PoH spam. I also use inner focus with PoH for garaunteed divine aegis procs during high AoE damage.

    If the group is spread out weaving in Cascade is good and if stacked divine star can also do quite a bit of healing.

    In the example of rampage on Magara i do the following.
    (1) build up 5 stacks of evangalism prior to rampage
    (2) use archangel for +25% healing buff for 18 seconds
    (3) use spirit shell approximately 8-10 seconds prior to ramapage and build up a spirit shell on all raiders
    (4) continue PoH spam and use PoM on CD during rampage, use PW:S on low health members or on tanks with fire debuff for borrowed time buff/rapture
    (5) depending on T6 choice use divine star while stacked during rampage (can get two in) or cascade as rampage ends and top everyone up as they spread
    (6) Use barrier on assigned rampages
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    Should I continue to Pennance on CD during high damage?

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    PW:S on a low hp target->penance/pom/t6->PoH or binding heal is generally the best way to deal with situations where you have an high amount of aoe damage. Using a pw:s initially will ensure that you have a lower gcd/cast time for the following spells (borrowed time). In addition to this make sure that shell is stacked before, that archangel is up and use barrier as needed. Offensive penance will outperform a PoH cast while also not consuming borrowed time, so keep using it on cd.

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    So from what I'm seeing this spec is incredibly fun and not the faceroll it appeared to be from a lot of the posts I read before I switched to my priest. Said posts were of the "smite spam and sleep" variety. I currently use a ton of abilities. Many more than I did on my r shaman or even playing holy on the priest.

    I have 2 more simple questions.

    1) How do you use pw:s to its maximum effect? I'm keeping it up on any tank taking damage basically on weakened soul cd and using it on targets of abilities that damage a specific target, ie ionization or focused lightning targets. Is there any time I want to try and blanket the raid, in he event that spirt shell isnt available. For instance Lei Shen 2nd phase ball lightnings? Any other good tips on PW:S?

    2) What is the most effective way to get Divine Aegis stacked up during periods of low damage?

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    1. PW:S on CD on the tank, this will be your main Rapture. After that, treat it as your Flash Heal, but it has a little more leniency. Lei Shen for instance, I use it on myself every Thunderpunch thingy to minimize some damage, tank on CD, all 3(4) targets in my corner for Static Shock in transition. For p2 adds, if someone is really low, hit em with a PW:S, but really, it's just a flash heal.

    2. There really isn't one. Now that DA isn't guaranteed, the only way to force it is with Inner Focus. If it's low damage, just Atonement the boss to death. You'll get random crits on people in the raid (mainly tank thought), which, if its off of Penance, will be quite large. With the 5.3 Smart Heal changes, this should also target pets less often, yay!

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    Pretty much the only fight where I blanket pw:s is Tortos, for the quake stomps I can't SS. Thunderstruck on Lei Shen would be a nice place to do it too, except no one's ever in danger of dying from it or anything following it.

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