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    WoW armory being extremely slow?


    Is it just me or the WoW armory (EU) has been super slow in the past 2 days, and it keeps crashing whenever I try to load up a character? I keep getting the 503 error!

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    Just me then I guess :P

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    Yeah, I'm getting that error all the time. Something up with it.

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    Maybe it's because they're working on an upgrade for the Battle.net website? I might sound a little presumptious here, but they did say that their web team was 'too busy' to come up some April Fool's pranks, and when I was looking up someone's armory page on Monday the crabby thing told me 'BattleTags were coming to Warcraft, making it easier to... something I forgot.

    Who knows though, I might be completely wrong and maybe it's just a server hiccup on their part, but I for one would like to see SOME of the innovations they promised us with the launch of the 'revolutionary' BNet 2.0.
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    I've hardly been able to use EU armory recently. I was blaiming it on my provider though. Good to know they're ok. Bad that armory servers fail apparently.

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    I thought it was just me, I was starting to blame my ISP. lets hope they get it sorted soon, it's getting quite annoying with all the 503 errors.

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    Whatever it was, it seems to be fixed now! Armory is working for me

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