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    Tanking advice:confused:


    I'm seeking help for a guildy. I was hoping someone could look through some parses/armory and tell me what he is doing wrong. Compared to our other tanks he is really squishy, with his gearlevel being pretty much the same as the others. By this I mean that when we use another tank (that cant come all raiddays) the healing seems a lot less hectic. My main concern is on horridon, as when he is tanking adds he keeps dying when we get bigger groups of adds. We keep one tank on Horridon all the time with HoP rotation. Compared to our other tank he also struggles with keeping aggro on adds (and then I mean those that actually can be tanked).

    WoL: worldoflogs[dot]com/reports/ey85nve0r42stp17/details/5/?s=10061&e=10598
    Armory: eu[dot]battle[dot]net/wow/en/character/kul-tiras/Eraggon/simple

    Can't post links so had to make some adjustments to the adress.

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