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    Quote Originally Posted by GennGreymane View Post

    gamons a tauren......
    perhaps...half tauren...

    *ominous sounding music plays*

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    f the hell yes it must happen

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    Gamon must have some epic role to play, he's too badass to be left out when there's a siege going on in his city.

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    Gamon meets you at the gate, he then gives you the option to take the western path (which leads to some trash mobs and the optional elevator boss) or the eastern path (which is trash mobs and the optional corrupted auctioneer boss [mostly raid wide slows versus a tight enrage timer])
    Gamon will clear his path in a set amount of time, if you finish your path before him you get an achieve and a goodie bag (if you pick the elevator boss you get a chance at a zepplin mount, if you pick the auctioneer you get bags of rare trade goods [living steel, magnificent hides, spirits of harmony, haunting, blood and x spirits])
    He then transfers you to the Gob Squad (Horde) or Rell, Amber, Sully, and Socks II (Alliance) for further incursion.
    If you get the achieve, and finish that lockout, you get a letter from him in the mailbox the next day that says he's received a message from a mysterious "Subject Nine" and the Goblins have offered to help him get to there... (and then the new expansion is rolled out)
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    I would rather have him like one of those quest mini bosses in ToT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaneiac View Post
    He'll probably be part of trash or something. Gamon as a boss would be funny but I can't think of a reason why he would suddenly be strong enough to be a raid boss.
    What doesnt kill you makes you stronger. What does kill you makes you vengeful enough to uh... go on steroids and get involved with fel magic? He should have a rogue phase where he picks your pocket, and then stabs you in the back.

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    I edited my Gamon story...I might turn it into a separate thread in Gen Discussion or the RP forums, but I'm not sure if it fits into either forum >.<

    Gamon for Warchief 2013.

    Gamon’s origins remained unclear to him for most of his life; the little he does remember is a foggy haze. He had been placed upon the steps of the Orgrimmar orphanage as an infant, wrapped in swaddling cloth and with a note attached to his blanket—the note stating that his mother would be back for him, when it would be safe for her to return to the city. A mysterious note indeed…

    The note was believed to have been written by the young Tauren warrior Lokka, who had been dismissed from her duties for bearing a child out of wedlock, and who had died tragically and under suspicious circumstances shortly after Gamon was found on the orphanage steps—her bloodied corpse found just beyond the gates of the city, a portrait of young Gamon in a locket around her neck. How she died, no one knew…

    It was apparent at an early age that Gamon came from mixed parentage, although to the casual eye one would think that he was pureblooded Tauren. Under his fur, green skin; his temperament more Orc than Tauren; his ability to wield an axe, unparalleled.

    But life was hard for the young half-Tauren, half-Orc. Raised in an orphanage and cast out when he was old enough to fend for himself, he was a ceaseless target for those who ridiculed his mixed parentage, and as a result spent many an evening bruised and broken, nursing his wounds and a bottle of ale at the local inn…

    Gamon didn’t discover his true identity as Garrosh's son until after he reached adulthood. He recalls the orc’s face as that of a late-night visitor at the orphanage, who had come inquiring about him when he was still a boy; although Gamon had never forgotten that visit, he never knew the name of his visitor until he saw Hellscream take his place as Warchief during the ceremony in Orgrimmar, and the face from that fateful evening had rushed back to him as though it had occurred only yesterday…

    Gamon confronts Garrosh, who denies any involvement with Gamon's mother and tells the young half-Tauren to shove off, anger flashing in his eyes at being confronted in such a way…by this...mongrel...although some lingering doubts remain when Gamon shares the story told to him by the women who reared him at the orphanage, of the night of his mother's death, and recalls the story of the orc visitor Gamon had so long ago…

    Disgruntled and doubtful, Gamon settles into adult life in Orgrimmar; restless, but still searching for the truth regarding his long-lost father.

    One day, while nursing some mead at an inn in town, an old orc sits down next to Gamon and shares a drink with him. The orc’s name was Saurfang, and he had returned to the city temporarily after a long campaign in Northrend. Saurfang has heard about Garrosh's misdeeds and had traveled far in order to see for himself what Garrosh has turned into. He shares with Gamon his memories of Garrosh before he became warchief, tales of unrivaled ferocity in the battlefields of Northrend, and—in a moment of drunken confidence later that evening, when both Gamon and the old Orc had bellies full of mead—the tale of romance between Garrosh and a young female Tauren, that Garrosh had brokenly confessed to Saurfang to having fallen in love with so long ago, when Saurfang had discovered the two sharing a passionate embrace while out on patrol one evening in the barren wastes of Dragonblight…

    Gamon realizes with a start that the female Tauren in the story is his mother, and that Garrosh had brazenly lied to him concerning his parentage. He then realized that, perhaps what had happened to his mother Lokka was no accident, so long ago…what Orc would have accepted a half-Tauren as a son, particularly an Orc as high minded and ambitious as Garrosh…?

    Outraged at his father's lies, he pledges himself to Saurfang and seeks justice not only for the Horde, but for himself regarding Garrosh's misdeeds…and seeks justice for the death of his mother…

    The battle for Orgrimmar rages three days and three nights. The clash of blades and the flurry of arrows can be seen tens if not hundreds of miles away from the city, as the fires glowed in the night...

    Gamon is repulsed by the sight of Orc killing Orc, and Tauren killing Tauren, in his beloved Orgrimmar...he realizes that his father is beyond saving, that the only hope for his people and for the Horde is for Garrosh's life to come to an end...

    Gamon makes his way up to the front of the battle line, seeking his father. Axe in hand.

    He steps forward.

    Garrosh sees his son, falters. Turns to young Gamon.

    Gamon's blade is swift and sure. The head of the corrupted Warchief lies on the ground, separated from its body. The crowds cry out as they realize the Warchief is dead.

    Gamon cries a single tear for what he has just done, and for what might have been.

    That evening, he accepts the title of Warchief, with old Saurfang by his side, appointed to be his most trusted advisor.

    Gamon 2013 for Warchief.

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    i think Kingslayer Orkus should be a boss! or a council fight, Orkus, Johnny Awesome and dummass!
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    [The contents of this post can be unlocked in random loot boxes available from your local ISP. We want to provide readers with a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they read it.]

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    i think Kingslayer Orkus should be a boss! or a council fight, Orkus, Johnny Awesome and dummass!
    u mean death knight orkus?

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