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    Shadow Talent Choices for MSV/HoF/ToES per encounter????

    Help! I am sure there is an expert priest out there that can help me!

    I am not a noob at shadow priest, but I am a noob at normal raiding. I just joined a 10 man normal raid team. We are starting in MSV. I usually don't change my talents, but after doing some research I have found that I need to based on the boss encounter. I found some great sites that have the talent choices for ToT but not for MSV/HoF/ToES since they are not the newest raid. And the guides that I did find have outdated info since the glyph of mind spike was changed and SW:I changed. So my question is what talents to use per boss encounter in these raids since the changes.

    In these talent tiers:

    Thanks in advance!

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    Foremost, I recommend most often taking the talents you enjoy, because you'll quickly learn to take advantages and quirks of that talent set. You'll have better dps using a talent you're familiar with than using a superior talent you're not comfortable with.

    That said, I'm no theorycrafter (yet) so I can only give you my best assumptions. As such, others will probably object to these suggestions, and I encourage that Note, I prefer S&I, PI, Halo.
    For each boss, I would take the following talents:

    Stone Guard: FDCL (MB if too hectic), DI, Halo (hard to position, rewarding)
    Feng: S&I, PI, Halo (if stacking, DS to help healers)
    Gara'jal: S&I, ToF, Cas (for spirits)
    Spirit Kings: S&I, ToF, Halo
    Elegon: S&I (was great for orbs), ToF (last hit the protector every time), Cas (orbs again)
    WotE: FDCL, ToF, Halo (can hit both bosses for max dmg if positioned right)

    Vizier Zor'lok: MB, PI, any (doesn't matter, too close for halo/cas, no AoE. Help healers if you want)
    Blade Lord Ta'yak: S&I (MB if movement is tricky), PI, Halo
    Garalon: MB, ToF (get procs from legs), any (help healers, too close for halo)
    Wind Lord Mel'jarak: MB (I found impossible to multi-dot), ToF/PI, Halo (if CC's are an issue with halo, go DS)
    Amber Shaper Un'sok: FDCL (S&I can be useful for constructs), ToF, Halo
    Grand Empress Gary (Shek'zeer): S&I (mostly focusing adds, not cleaving), PI (could make use of ToF), Halo

    Protectors: S&I, PI, Halo
    Tsulong: MB (FDCL may be better for Day phase), ToF (PI better for Night phase), Halo/Cas (probably cas for Day)
    Lei'shi: S&I, PI, Halo (invaluble for finding her during Hide)
    Sha of Fear: S&I/MB (depending on movement requirement), PI/DI (again, on movement), Halo

    Thats what I would take, anyways. I'm not a fan of DI, so you can substitute that for PI if you choose, especially with S&I.
    As a closing note, I'll leave this here (http://warcraft.twintop-tahoe.com/?p=631) as a link to Twintop's analysis. An excellent theorycrafter.

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    Thanks! You were most helpful. That is what I was looking for. I had wondered if I should just stick to what I know best. I might just do that, but I don't want to hold my team back. My team is a casual team but we still want to progress. We are at the spirit kings right now after our first run together. I have never tried some of the talents so I will need to do some practice runs in lfr to see what they do. If I can get the hang of them then I might try some at our next raid. Thanks!!!!!

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