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    Best & worst mogu voices.

    Best: Xin the Weaponmaster. I usually find myself quoting his lines whenever I get palace.

    Worst: Lei Shen. For being the big boss he's so over the top with the accent. Horrible

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    Whenever I think of mogu, I'll always think of the first 'boss' mogu'shan palace saying "They have suwwied the gweat Wegacy of our people my king!"

    (I swear, I remember blizzard saying they wanted to get pandaria right so as to appeal to china, yet we get 'harrow, I'm stereotype of china man, ting tong'???)
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    Yh Xin the weaponmaster or Iron Qon have the best voices. The bosses in the trial of the king have the worst voices.

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    Everytime he says Clan of Hartak, I understand it as Clan of Hotdog.

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    Lei Shen had 2 voices, I think his newest one is amazing! Its kind of Lich King-esc. "I am Lei Shen, slayer of kings and gods. You have made a grave....mistake!"


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    Best: Xin

    Worst: Lei Shen

    Trough I'm not really a fan of any of their voices. Can they be any more chinese?

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    I'm not sure whether I hate or love it.
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    You have come to claim my CRAAAAOOOWWWN?
    Testing: Will probably be toooooo big.

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    I like Lei Shen's voice but I think my favorite is Shan Bu he pronounces everything correctly.

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    Noticed that Lei Shen's voice was different in the kill videos... However I liked his old voice more even if it was a bit silly. Actually, seeing the other mogu haven't impressed me enough to recall them I suppose Lei Shen's old voice is my favorite, guess the mogu voices aren't my thing.

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