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  • Give the item back, shouldn't be penalised for an honest mistake.

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  • Keep the item, their fault for not specifying the correct BO.

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    AH moral question

    Consider: Someone posts 522 crafted gear on the AH, but the buyout is 2000g instead of 20,000g like a few of the others (as an example). You thank your lucky stars and you buy the item for 10% of its actual value. You suddenly get a message from the seller, who begs you to return them because he missed a "0" in the buyout field. Do you:

    a) Give them back.


    b) Tell them 'too late, that's the price you set, that's what I paid for'.

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    Up to you I guess, myself I'd probbly return it but I have special circumstances and never really want for things in WoW.
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    Personally, I would go with c) Send them additional gold for the item, but not up to the 20,000g. Offer them more, but still at a good deal to compensate for their mistake.

    The other player made a mistake. You were perfectly legal in what you did in-game; just buying an auction. It was their mistake, and there is no reason that you should necessarily "fix it" for them.

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    Depends, did he catch me before or after I equipped it?

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    I personally wouldn't, but thats because I'm a horrible person. If I made the same mistake I'd be pissed at myself, but wouldn't even whisper the person, because I'm the one in the wrong for not confirming my price on a high value item.

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    I'd probably give him another 2k. I'd feel sorry for him, but it is also seller's responsibility to set the price they want.

    Therefore, 2k more. His muckup hurts less, and I still get a bargain ^^
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    Generally, keep it. If the person in question is a potentially important person to your doings and whatnot in WoW, be nice. Usually, such a significant amount is not worth paying for being nice; but of course, it is a social game, so under certain circumstances it might be.
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    If I were you id give them a small compensation. Like 10k or something, not the full price.

    I've made the same mistake before and I didnt beg for anything back since it was my fault.(put something up for 5k buyout but forgot to change the bid. I got 10 gold out of that item)

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    I'd go option "B." The accuracy of his auction was his responsibility. I have no further obligations to the seller once the transaction has been completed.

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    If they PMed me I would give it back. I would not contact him though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belize View Post

    I've made the same mistake before and I didnt beg for anything back since it was my fault.(put something up for 5k buyout but forgot to change the bid. I got 10 gold out of that item)
    Thats the exact same mistake I usually make if I do an AH mistake ><

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    I'm a [perhaps overly] nice person, so I'd probably give it back if I could. If it was already equipped, then I'd tell them so and, "sorry I dont have another 18k gold" (which isn't a lie).
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    Too me it's just gear. Ruining a players day over it is just stupid. I'd give it back.

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    I wouldn't. I mean, we've all put stuff on the AH that we accidentally screwed up on, right? They'd get no love from me. Pay more attention next time. lol.

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    It depends on how they ask me, honestly.
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    I would sell them back to him for 19k. Make a 21k profit while he still tries to sell it for 20k.

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    As much as I hate to admit it, I'd buy it and not think twice. I hate the fact that people are trying to sell 522s for 80k on my realm. The massive amount of gold inflation has pretty much ruined my chances of buying anything other than consumables =/

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    Regardless of if you have equipped it, or relisted for a profit, there is no moral grey area. The price was set, you bought it in good faith.
    Next time they will learn to double check the price, its a hard, bitter pill to swallow and I have been on both ends of this.

    I would not give any gold to him, or expect any gold from someone if I put something on the AH for the wrong amount.
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    I am not sure, I think if you don't he willl learn from his mistake and never do it again.
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    all depends how the conversation unfolds , if hes kind and nice , sure , if hes dbag , forget it ^^

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