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    trinkets questions for a friend....

    my friend hunter got Rune of Re-Origination on the last boss of lei shen tonight, but he was questionning himself lot about it, do this trinket is better that the Vicious Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault? he tried to check some website, but his english is really not good, im a little bit better that him so, im asking at you, good hunter, what do you think about it?


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    If he's not seriously over hit cap with the VP trinket, tell him to use that. Monks get a lot more out of Rune than hunters do, if you have one, give it to him.

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    I personally wouldn't even use it over the valor trinket if every single point of hit was wasted (881 after reforging). The proc is rather clunky to deal with and doesn't provide much of a DPS increase. The static agility is below the valor trinket's average as well, and doesn't benefit your opening burst.

    Long story short, I would use the Talisman of Shado-Pan Assault.
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    You know, he can just change some gems in his belt and shoulders from glinting gems (HIT gems) to pure agi gems and reforge out of the hit on his neck. Which would drop 549 hit and gain 40 agility. Which would then make 528 of that hit rating on the VP trinket worth it. Then use the VP trinket > the rune.
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