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    1/24, 1 in the last 4 weeks i'm pretty certain blizzard stealth nerfed these after a few weeks, guild was getting them 2-3 a week, now we're lucky if 3 people boss boss get 1 (25man) the drop rate seems to be more like 5% now, blizzards way of delaying the cloaks.

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    If you compare this to the 5.1 part of 6000 valor points, you can expect the majority of people who started pre-5.3 to have it, 5.4 is not scheduled for atleast another 3 months. Also keep in mind that the 6000 valor required you to either do daily quests or 5mans in order to get the valor points, where here you just need to kill 6 bosses each week.

    So far i have 2 and killed 6 bosses, and of course some people are going to be unlucky, but we have people who haven't even completed the first part of it yet.

    You have ATLEAST 12 weeks to complete it, and yes, just to clarify to everyone, this is a way to keep you subscribed.
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    i have 9 right now, still have the 6 bosses to kill this week, hoping to get atleast 2, so I'll feel good about getting one from lfr when tuesday rolls around and I can have my cape before raid time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rated View Post
    Truth be told, majority of people probably will finish this quest by next patch. Unfortunately RNG is RNG and sometimes (sometimes mostly) RNG sucks.
    The problem with this stage is that there is double RNG. One 20 item RNG quest would have been enough along with some difficult solo quests but now we have 20 RNG drops then another 12 more rng drops with less chances for a drop. Sigils werent as bad since you just had to do 20 and you were done. I think they could make it so that if you have a certain amount of participation, you will be guaranteed to be done by the next stage. That would require some guaranteed drops.

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    4 weeks into the quest and i have 3 fucking stones. yeah.

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    Do you need to complete this to start the 5.3part of the quest?

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    2 stones after 4 resets, fml.

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    Quote Originally Posted by makkk View Post
    Do you need to complete this to start the 5.3part of the quest?
    I assume so, otherwise there would be no point in finishing this part since it comes after we have already gotten the 5.2 legendary.

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    3/12 don't feel very lucky.

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    Still one freaking stone, and a guildie who's been on the quest for one or two weeks less than I have got his first three stones tonight. Rage.
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    first week 2/12

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    2 resets, ZERO stones. I like this game more and more, Blizzard.

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    I'm on 9/12... Hoping I can get 3 from LFR on Wednesday.

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    I'm on 5 stones over 4 resets, but I've gone 2 weeks without a single one.

    Hoping they'll do a sneaky tweak of the drop rate for 5.3.

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    Still none. Maybe I'll get to start the quests for the cloak in 5.4

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    Dunno what you're all complaining about, I've started the secrets quest when it first came out and I still only have 13 secrets. Got 0 secrets last 2 weeks in a row!

    Looking at the drop rate for the runestones I'll be lucky if I get mine before the next expansion

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    Got 3 this week aswell, 6/12 after 2 resets
    rng is rng :P
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    So 30boss kills = 6stones = ~18% drop chance, seems high but its not.
    With my luck i'll need 4-5 more weeks, YAY......

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    Don't remember exactly when I got my meta, I think it's been 5 resets, maybe 6 (I was the first one in my guild to finish that stage). It'd be some ungodly luck for me to get the last 4 this week. I'd be happy if it were the week after.

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    I still only have 1 runestone, after ~3 IDs with the quest. Granted, I still have today where we will most likely clear the instance (killed horridon hc yesterday and council nhc afterwards). But even if we don't clear, I cba to run LFR for the runestones, too lazy for that, but the legendary cloak is damn nice... :S

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