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    need farming advice on a certain box.

    I am trying to farm the Vine-cracked junkbox for the dagger for my transmog set. I read a few comments on wowhead and it appears that literally every spot has been ruined thanks to a nerf in some way at some point in time. Where is a good place to farm either The Gloaming Blade or one dagger of the same effect. The effect being the black glow around it.

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    Try farming Prince Malchezaar instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ymirsson View Post
    Try farming Prince Malchezaar instead.
    That one doesn't have the glow effect im after. If it does then atlas loot isn't showing it.

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    If you have patience, farm gold and keep an eye on the AH. All 4 of the daggers with that model+effect are exceedingly rare and very hard to farm efficiently. Be prepared to drop 10k+, but you could earn 10x that before the dagger would drop.
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    I think Malchazeen has a similar dark glow effect, but when I used it for transmog, the dark glow effect didn't completely override enchants ... it essentially combined or stacked them. I was not really pleased with the results since I was trying to get rid of Landslide at the time. I don't know if the Gloaming Blade completely overrides enchants or not.

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    Have they nerfed Isle of Thunder? I got my gloaming blade when I wasn't even farming boxes - I was doing the dailies that took you into the saurok area where you transformed... I just have a macro built into my cheap shots to pickpocket. All of those mobs - sauroks & trolls, used to have a chance to have a lockbox but I haven't been back there in a long time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calycia View Post
    I don't know if the Gloaming Blade completely overrides enchants or not.
    It does. Same with The Dusk Blade, The Night Blade, and The Twilight Blade. Malchazeen just has a red glow while the others have the red glow as well as a black glow that overwrites enchants.

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    malchazeen has the exact same glow according to 3d model viewer at least.

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