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    WoL Bug - Lei Shen

    So i'm not sure if this is really the right place for this but i've had a bit of a google and I can't find anything concrete on the problem we're having.

    My guilds Lei Shen kill on Tuesday seems to have been split into a 'try' which includes p1 and 2 with both transitions then the 'kill' which is invalid and only covers p3. This kill has been uploaded by 3 different people (repeats deleted now) but every one of them came up with the same strange occurrence so i'm wondering if anyone else has had similar problems with it?

    Here are the offending logs:
    P1,2+transitions: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/m...=10381&e=10826
    P3: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/m...=10831&e=10937

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    This seems to be happening a lot, we also had this happen with our logs and heard the same from other guilds/friends.

    Main offender really being the transition phases.

    Guess well just have to wait for an WoL update

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    Had this happen to us as well last week. At first I thought my old logsplitter had cut the log too short and shaved off part of the lei shen kill, but it seems that wasn't the problem.

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    Good to hear it's not just us then. Thanks for the replies folks.

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    Sorry for the necro, but does anyone have a solution for this issue? I don't get how some people can have working logs for this, mine never works.

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    Do you guys live report? I've never experienced this issue, and we live report.

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    We've had the same problem every week. And I think it has to do with the guy running logs not live reporting. And everyone else forgets to log so no ranks for us.

    I'd prefer my orcs to stand up straight.

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    I was having the same problem until I increased the combat log range in the config.wtf file. If you use the following script in-game, it will do it for you as well. I am not 100% certain this fixed it, all I know is that beforehand, it was invalid, then afterwards, it went through just fine. I'm certain this will fix the problem, because default combat log range is only 40 yards, and the reason lei shen logs are going invalid is due to transitions when everyone is so spread out.
    /console SET CombatLogRangeParty "200"
    /console SET CombatLogRangePartyPet "200"
    /console SET CombatLogRangeFriendlyPlayers "200"
    /console SET CombatLogRangeFriendlyPlayersPets "200"
    /console SET CombatLogRangeHostilePlayers "200"
    /console SET CombatLogRangeHostilePlayersPets "200"
    /console SET CombatLogRangeCreature "200"

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    I do use live report. And thank you Saevio, I'll try that next week.

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    Apparently if any of ur raid members dies on the transition phases the WOL bugs.

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