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    Do you read quest texts?

    I don´t mean the summary in the bottom but the long version on top.

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    Herald of the Titans Feral Camel's Avatar
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    First time doing a quest, yes.

    After that, maybe.

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    The first time through I always read the quest texts. But for the second I only will if I forgot what the quest was.

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    Only in important lore quest. If its random filler, "go kill xxx things" then no.

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    First time yes, second time lolnope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calzaeth View Post
    First time yes, second time lolnope.
    And what if you have forgotten what the quest was about when doing them on another character?
    Do you just not care then?

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    Most of the time I'm more interested in leveling fast than the story of zone x, but occasionally I'll take it a bit slow and read some quests, surprisingly to me most of them are actually pretty good little story lines.

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    Always the first time through.
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    On main char, i read/listen to all there is the first time, later on, and on alts, skipping is being done.

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    rarely, only for class quests and lore type quests such as thrall quest with the cloak in cata or the ones associated with leggendary weapons

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    I accept all quests and just run to the biggest bunch of dots on the map, highlight the dot to figure out what to kill then kill it and move on.

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    I read them all on my first character, and sometimes on my alts as well.
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    I've played the game since vanilla and i can honestly say i've never read an entire quest unless i had no clue how to do it and thottbot and wowhead gave me no help.

    edit: i also think most of the people that say they read quests are dirty liars.

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    I used to read the quest text back in wotlk when it was actually worth reading. Now I just mash right click and map button to get quests and to see where to go.
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    i want to read them. i read maybe the first 20 of a zone i havnt touched the quests of yet... then get too focused on doing it as fast as possible and it all becomes a blur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnayr View Post
    edit: i also think most of the people that say they read quests are dirty liars.
    Not me. I truly do read all the quests text the first time through. I enjoy the lore of the game and want to never miss it.

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    Sometimes the quest text are funny (e.g the Silverpine Worgen druid slaying), have interesting connections to in-game effects (e.g Krasarang waters of youth questline) or makes me cry on the inside (e.g Eastern Plaguelands' Darrowshire).

    In other words I like to read quest text on any of my toons when I can afford the attention span

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    First time I always read because I have no hurry in leveling and I like to know the stories, after the first time I read sometimes when I feel like it, but not always.

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    I used to, back in vanilla. Felt the need to really immerse myself into it. But after the 100th 'kill X of Y mob" I figured it wasn't worth it...I just accept the quest, complete it, turn it in, and move on. Some of the quests in Vanilla were really deep, had amazing stories to them, and were worth reading. A select few in BC were really good, maybe a tiny minuscule amount in Wrath, nothing in Cata, and so far nothing in MoP have, to me, been even worth spending the time to even read the summaries at the bottom.
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    Nope. Accept quest, move to location, shout about not knowing what to do in General, get some response, do what response says. Simple!

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