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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirque View Post
    Of course, while I agree that casual does not necessarily means bad, it does inevitably mean less good most of the time. Compare to the soccerplayer who plays 20 hours a week to the one that plays 2 hour a week, who'll be the better player? Doesn't mean the 2 hour one is bad though. (Does mean I'd not expect the 2 hour one to perform at the same level of a 20 hour one, let alone have him in my team :-) )

    I don't much care for world bosses, complicated mechanics in world bosses, let alone huge corpseruns. Time is better invested in raids where devs have a LOT more liberty to design good and fun encounters IMO.
    So a player that only plays 2-4 hours a day for 4 years is worse than a player who plays 6-12 hours a day for 1 year?

    I'm sorry, but I've raided with people who devote much more time to the game than I do, but still not only do better DPS, but have a better grasp on how to play my class as well. The same goes for many other people I know.

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    It's pretty easy now to be honest. I rarely die more than once.

    It's not a difficult encounter. Place tanks on one side, dps and heals spread out on the other, don't cast during the Roar. The problem was things like trolls, people deliberately not wanting to do it right because "it's not fun that way" or "you can't tell me what to do," or impatient pulls and things like that. I guess if it was causing realm instability, then it had to be nerfed but still, it doesn't say much for the community that you can't get 40-80 people together and execute 3 simple mechanics.

    I liked the idea of a difficult world boss. After all, the day Nalak was accessed by most realms, I saw threads of "wow, way to design a fun loot pinata Blizz" and "Nalak is underwhelming, not epic at all."

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    Quote Originally Posted by markdall View Post
    Let me fix that for you: "The fight is really well designed if it was indoors or instanced and required an actual raid."
    That's exactly what I said, just in less words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderaan View Post
    Hi, what do you guys think about Oondasta world boss encounter?

    First I have to say that the concept is a bit wierd. A troll armored dino with moguaic rayguns... Yeah very original, not rly (almost reminds me of that Cataclysm shark flying beam thing from beta)

    Secondly the mechanics are pretty simplistic, just a truckload of damage not much more. The casuals still wipe but succeed anyway because the graveyard is too close. One would think casuals SHOULD learn at least these basic mechanics so while I don't think the encounter was particularly successful, the graveyards should be moved back on kunlai zone so it makes zerging impossible so everyone learns the (very simple) mechanics like not standing in front of boss and also the tanks would learn to tank and stop losing aggro as they usually do and healers would learn to cope with tank damage.

    Also, faction tag should be reworked so non-grouped players or grouped player below 10 people (at least until level 95) shouldn't get loot.

    Right now you can be a terribad dps tank or healer but it doesn't matter if you get kicked. You still get loot if others kil it.
    Was that your generic, baseless and unneccessary rant for today or what? It's really astonishing how your whole post doesn't have any substance or value at all. Why all this waste of characters? You could have simply typed "Oondasta sux".

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