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    lvl 85 parry/dodge requirements for cata HC and/or HoT HC

    hi guys, i'm pretty new on mmo champion, but i think this is the best place to ask you a question towards my 85 exp locked pala tank.

    Recently i locked my tankadin on 85 for the purpose of farming jp and buying looms for my alts, the thing is that i seem to lose heavy amounts of health in cata hc's and HoT hc's. i'm gonna add my link to the armory here and i would love some feedback on what i should do about my dodge/parry rating, is it good?, do i need to make other changes, etc...

    character : Wiped
    Server : Doomhammer EU alliance

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    In general, hit above 7.5% (+3/boss level cap) is a waste nowadays. First of all I would kick away some dodge and reforge it into expertise and haste (active mitigation - for stable HoPo generation and higher uptime of dmg-reduction buff after shield).
    Also talents - I prefer sacred shield over Eternal Flame. I have healers to heal me after all. Imo preventing=absorbing > healing. Sanct Wrath is imo fail for protection. HA = win. DP is unpredictable. Eventhough it can bring more "3HoPo's" than HA, you don't want RNG when tanking.
    If you dont have problems with gold you can buy 415/85 MoP crafts or up-to-450/85 world drop BoE's. More stats is always a win. Enchanting items (even with cheap enchants) is also always a win over unenchanted gear.

    Btw consider using some glyphs . Usually I'm using 20%/20% Divine Protection, Battle Healer (I tank most of time with SoI) and Focused Shield or Alabaster Shield. Focused Wrath (minor) have also few uses.
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