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    Is there a corrilation between TF drops and roll loot?

    Something that my guild has noticed, I just was curious if anyone else has seen this.

    The few times we have gotten Thunderforged to drop in 10 man normal from the mob, we have almost always Also had someone win a roll using runes, and the reward from that roll was Thunderforged as well. its probably just a luck thing, but its happen enough times that it seems related.

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    Grats on getting TF in 10 man, we barely ever see it.

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    We've had one or two thunderforged items drop in total.

    However I've had 3 TF bonus rolls (2 were the same neck!). Not sure whether or not I'm just lucky or if possibly the chance for an item to be TF via bonus roll doesn't equal the chance for a boss (be it 10 or 25man) to drop a TF item.

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    I have only gotten two thunderforged items (personally, that is) and they were both the same item (one-handed STR axe from Tortos) and both from coins and we did not get another TF'd item on the kill.

    Our paladin healer also got a TF'd item from our first kill of Horridon, which did not drop any TF'd stuff.

    It's a bummer that thunderforged stuff is so rare for tens but what kills me is that the best two-hander for my class this tier is a shared-loot-table item and I've literally never seen something like that drop since they added those items (the ones from Firelands, for example never dropped for my guild) I'm also kind of bummed that they finally added another STR polearm to the game and it's shared table loot; I've only ever seen LFR versions on my server.
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    Of the handful of TF items my guild has had drop in 10m, most have been from loot rolls. I think there has been 5 total from rolls, and 1 from drops. Got 2 from extra rolls when the 1 dropped.

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    The woes of DEing Thunderforged items because you get too many of the same item.

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    No correlation. Blizzard has been pretty clear on how Thunderforged items work: Items in 10-man raids have a 10% chance to be Thunderforged and 25-man items have a 25% chance.

    I imagine the same applies to bonus loot rolls. If you win an item, you have a 10/25% chance of it being Thunderforged.

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