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    [A]<Incarnate> US 17th H25 11/13H LFM

    Server: Ner'zhul (PVP, Los Angeles DC)
    Faction: Alliance
    Time Zone: PST
    Battlegroup: Bloodlust BG9
    Raid Format: 25-Player Heroic
    Raid Time: Sun - Thurs 5:30PM - 9:30PM PST (maximum progression schedule)

    1 Tank
    2 DPS (Pref DK/Lock/Moonkin/Hunter/Shaman)
    As always, any exceptional players.

    Current Progression
    Tier15 11/13H Heroic 25-man US17th
    Tier14: 16/16H Heroic 25-man US17th
    Tier13: 8/8H Heroic 25-man. T-US23rd
    Tier12: 7/7 Heroic 25-man. US 20th
    Tier11: 13/13 heroic in 25-man (US 49th as of March 15th, in 25 man only content)

    We have a long history of competitive completion of content since Onyxia 40-man, through BC/Woltk/Cata and now MoP.

    What We're Looking For
    As a guild founded on leadership that dates back to the days of Vanilla, Incarnate is looking for not just exceptionally skilled players of all classes, but players who know what commitment and dedication means in the long run when it comes to the progression of a guild, be it farm raids or bleeding edge content. Attendence is expected of all members to be higher than 90%. Our leadership is very stable, with 2 of the 4 officers having been officers since the guild was formed in 2004, and the 2 remaining officers having been in the guild for multiple years now as well.

    We take our raiding seriously, and here's why: every member brings their best performance and preparation to every raid, and has also made sacrifices in his or her time to do so. You are expected to do the same. We run a more casual schedule than other top guilds. Because of this, quality over quantity is what matters to us.

    About Incarnate
    Some of you might know the majority of us from our roots on US-Warsong as Corp Hur. Others might know us from our post Warsong days where the core of our raid transferred to US-Garithos and reformed under the guild name Sovereignty. We progressed at an accelerated rate despite the setback of establishing a new guild and handling a server transfer in the midst of Naxxramas progression. We finished Vanilla WoW ranked 18th in the US (Worldofraids) to clear the last tier of 40-man content.

    The leadership continued its streak of US top 50 rankings and server firsts in the Burning Crusade. Many of the Vanilla members returned to the game upon the release of Wrath to complete content competitively and defeat the Lich King heroic encounter. Entering into ToGC Northern Beasts while many guilds were farming the Twin Valkyr, we clawed our way to the top level of content, proving ourselves capable of handling new content and placing in top rankings with our Insanity Anub'rak kill. Since then we have been consistently climbing in ranks and are striving to jump up even more.

    Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Brutality, Sepe, or Studliest; or visit our website incarnateguild .com.

    We look forward to hearing from you!
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