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    CN = Chinese Realm?

    I haven't played since Cata and I noticed on WoL's that CN players are dominating the rankings. When did this trend start happening and why?

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    higher ilvl, and two resets a week.

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    Simple: asian realms have 8 ilvl higher loot in 25mans (and bosses having more hp/do more dmg to compensate), aswell as them having seperate lockouts for 10man and 25 (atleased i heard ppl talking about this 2nd part) thereby gaining gear faster then the west. To put things in perspective, the 10% boss hp and bossdmg done gets outscaled by the ilvl bonus, hence they have a harder time for their 1st kills, but anything beyond that makes the fights easyer for them then it is for american/european guilds.

    Ghostcrawler wrote somewhere that 1 lvl is about 2% dps increase (from that item) so asians have 16% more dps from gear, while being required to push 10% more.

    Hence why there are seperate rankings for asia and for eu/us, as it is a unfair race.

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