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    Question with Rogue rotation and skills in PvP

    Okay I'm curious about a few things, when is the best time to put up Recup, CS and Evi/Env

    For example let's say I'm fighting a melee class

    Opener: Cheap shot
    5 point to SnD

    What's my next move here? Stun lock? Evi?

    Basically I guess I'm confused on when to actually stun lock and when to DPS. Also when do I use Recup. Yes Rogue noob, yes no experience as Rogue in PvP

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    PvP is reactive. You don't do things to get more dps, you do things to prevent the other from doing things you don't want to happen to you.

    The only thing that matters is that your opponent dies and you don't. How you do it doesn't matter.
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    That last sentence as a huge tip! Thank you! I think that's where my problem is, while mainly on other classes I'm dpsing people down primarily I wasn't so used to controlling the fight I guess you can call it as you do on a Rogue. Thank you very much.

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