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    How the frick do I kill FERAL DRUIDS?!

    Everytime I fight a feral druid they simply outheal my damage by using their instants for heals and when I burst them they simply don't take any damage. I was fighting this feral druid and all he did was spam Mangle till I flopped over/ran away. He was literally facerolling him. I currently have 67% pvp resil and 45% pvp power and my burst was doing nothing to him.

    How do you beat feral druids? They shapeshift all of my roots, barkskin all of my burst and simply spam mangle on me till I flop over because feral druids are hard.

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    Ferals have always been pretty much the Mage counter being able to get out of roots, having high mobility, heals and defensives. To answer your question, uh.. Not sure.

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    My main is a mage and I rage levelled a feral just because of kittycleave last season. As feral, I was able to kill t2's with blue gear. They are THE hard counter, deal with it.

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    That's what your team mates are for. I'm assuming you aren't talking about 1v1 since there is no balance in 1v1.
    Coordinate better.

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    Right. Because the feral won't have a teammate either.... Oh wait, he will.

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    so why are you not focusing on the teammate then? that's my point: Since you are having so much trouble with the feral - you lock down his partner, while yours occupies the feral, time your burst and switches to coordinate. Like the above posters have said, feral is one of the best hard counters against a mage - stop whining and swap target and play better.

    And yes i realize the other team will be attempting to do the same to you...but that is the core point of pvp.
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