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    soloing warbringers...

    Hello i know warriors can solo warbringers but im wondering the best way to go about it. talents and tips and tricks. along with gear level u were able to kill them. i am currently 477 and get around 80% on my attempts.( note also no gems or enchants, yea they will help a lot). any tips would greatly help.

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    Most, if not all, warriors I've seen do it as prot, with Impending Victory, it helps to have the Warbringer/Scout with the Scarab Swarm buff too, get a bunch of scarabs stacked and kill one at a time, when needed for the heals from Unending Victory and you'll usually never die if you play your cards right. As with the other buffs, I'm pretty sure you can Berserking Rage the fear if they have it. Heroic Leap away from the spirit if they can summon it, then kite it. Avoid the meteors. Learn to avoid their Thunder Crush. It's also somewhat gear dependent, as you need to be able to survive the hits, because they do hit hard, without their abilities going.
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    I have soloed like 10 Warbringers on my prot warrior. Ilvl is 522-ish, alt nowadays.
    Theres not much to it, Second Wind is must have, clap scarabs so they bleed, revenge once to proc heal, revenge again to proc it again. You can kite Warbringer away from summoned Ghost-Lady-Mob which name I have forgotten. Anyways if you pay attention and dont screw up you will kill them easily, dont think Ive ever died soloing those. GL!

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    Done a lot of warbringers as protection.

    As mentioned by Paisti, Second Wind is a must have. This alone should be able to keep you up. Basically you want to keep moving all the time. During meteors, put your camera above your character, make sure you don't get hit by meteors. During the Thunder Crush ability (frontal cone) just run straight through the boss or heroic leap out of it. Make sure your berserker rage is always off cooldown for the fear. Ideally you hit zerk rage the moment you see him cast fear (that way it's a few seconds earlier off cd). You should be moving all the time, but especially if they summon that lady ghost helper, they hit like a truck. If they happen to have the scarab ability, make sure you thunderclap them on spawn. Do NOT use big AoE like shockwave/bladestorm/dragon roar. By TC'ing, they have a ticking dot, killing them in 3-4 ticks. Now if you really start to freak out, you can decide to hit multiple with revenge, or single target 1 or 2 (1 shield slam will kill them) for free victory rushes. If your gear is somewhat decent, you can rely on second wind (this means you can't afford to be hit by meteors / ghosts etc. though).

    As for your rotation, just use reck/crit banner when they're up, fights usually take me 10 minutes (abouts). You want to keep shield block up as much as possible. Now if you're unlucky, positioned yourself wrong or misused berserker rage and you can't avoid the fear, that's when you use your defensives and pray you stay alive. Meteors / ghosts are definitely survivable with cds up. Thunder Crush I wouldn't risk.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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