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    Another "Help our Ele Shaman" thread

    Well this is a little different, as this guy isn't a part of our guild yet. We are testing him out and being that I've only ever mained resto and enhance, I'm not completely sure I can pinpoint where he is going wrong. The breakdowns look pretty good in terms of priority, but there is definitely something missing as his ilvl is 505 and is pulling 75% or less of our other dps on the fights he was a part of. My initial combing of the logs makes me think his 2 largest issues are 1) his LB casts seem to be on the low side, by about 25-30%, and 2) his uptime on SrT is low, though I don't think this is going to be as big of a dps loss as 1. Anyways, if you guys could take a quick look and let me know what you think!

    P.S. I do know he is gemmed/reforged exactly like Askmrrobot.com tells him to, so I don't think that is the problem, though he is missing a weapon enchant, which I am aware is a dps loss, but it doesn't seem like it could be as big of a difference as is apparent in the logs....

    P.P.S. I guess I can't post links yet.... So, if you want to take the time to find the logs I am referring to:

    Server: US-Bonechewer
    Guild: The Peoples Court
    Log: 05-05-2013
    Character: Grohnk (Ele Shaman)

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    Could depend, but if its his first shot at some boss (since his gear doesnt indicates hes cleared ToT yet), it could be the reason behind low dps. You get beter the more you do the fights. You could tell him to use glyph of chain lightning too, on most fights its beter then grounding totem

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    Had a quick look at durumu, couple of thigns that stood out for me that he could be doing better with his flameshock uptime and also casting EleBlast on CD, I can only imagine he was not using it during the maze phase but if he is going to take EB over primal then he needs to learn how to.
    The thing that stood out most for me was the lack of LB casts, it seems to me like he was standing around not doing anything for periods of time and with the LB glyph you should literally be casting LB when moving all the time on that fight, especially in the maze!

    I am sure others can go into more depth across all the fights.

    *EDIT* I noticed the same things happening on Iron Qon also, at a guess again when it comes to movement sections he is stopping dps and focusing on the movement, a big nono especially for ele, if you want to keep up the dps you have to be casting constantly.

    to conclude, I would say your trialist is pretty ok given a patchwerk style fight (his rotation on twins was much better for example) however any fight that requires movement and really focusing on what you are doing they seem to struggle. That imo could fix itself over time if the player is not experianced in tot however I consider myself an 'ok' ele sham and dpsing and movement is something I always do even on learning a new fight, imo its something an ele sham should be doing as baseline now without thinking about it.

    Possibly give him another run on the same bosses, but if no improvement after that make it clear to him he needs to do better.
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    Yeah...if his searing totem isn't at 100% then there is a problem. Basically, searing totem should always be down, casting lava burst on CD (huge dps increase as it always crits when flame shock is on target....see next bit) flame shock uptime should be at 100%. He should also be casting elemental blast every time it's up. Besides that it becomes harder to pinpoint the problems as the fights in ToT vary from heavy cleave damage (i.e. chain lightning) to heavy aoe damage to single target deeps. At ilvl 500 he should be doing about 80k single target, unbuffed on a target training dummy (if he's an ok player, I know some of the hardcores in here will say it should be much higher, but for a normal skill lvl player that would be fine)

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    Glancing through the logs a bit, lightning bolt looks seriously low on that fight. Normally it should be roughly even with lava burst(yes I accounted for the 2 separate listings). Given the maze phase of this fight, it may even be a little higher. It does look like Elemental Blast wasn't used quite enough either, but, given the amount of movement during the maze and such, it seems like it should be somewhat reasonable. Unrelated to that fight, but something else I noticed in the logs: Unless you precast Earthquake, it is a huge aoe loss(best off spamming chain lightning instead). Far as reforging, I think askmrrobot may be a little off. Personally I've been finding the best results by keeping mastery and haste rating nearly even, but they still aren't super far apart, so this can probably slide. As for searing totem, ya it may be off, but at the same time, for elemental, it just does wet noodle damage anyway(worst case it might be a 1-2% loss not using it at all). One other minor tweak would be preventing flame shock from dropping at all(refresh with 1-2s left). 93% is still pretty good up time though.

    tl;dr More lightning bolt, particularly while moving. Ele shaman activity should be in the upper 98 to 99% range ideally,given we can always cast something, moving or not.
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