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    Casual players not engaged.

    Blizzard cited one of the reasons they are losing subscriptions is because they are not engaging casual players. Recently, I posted saying Blizz made a mistake with trying to replace tier 5 man heroics with LFR. Mostly people replied saying they preferred LFR. Then it dawned on me. Casual players don't typically go on the forums, so by in large the responses I received were from raiders/hard core players so it's no wonder why they disagreed with me. The thing is, it's not even a casual vs raid arguement to me. It's more of a style of play I look for which is why I gravitate to the 5 mans. I like smaller more intimate groups that me and a few friends can conquer together. Grouping with 24 strangers in an anti social 25 man LFR is just not my style. Neither is having to conform to raid schedules. That does not mean I like my game to be casual or from a raiders perspective (easy). Quite the contrary, I would like to see a difficulty setting for 5 mans where I could ratchet up the difficulty to a very hard setting to be just as hard as any raid out there, with loot rewards following the difficulty jumps. Why should there be one style of play that leads to loot when there can be two or more? Raiders can kiss my A with there self assured superiority. I was right you arrogant jerks. Just read the official post about lost subscriptions.

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    Already a thread made on this topic.

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