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    Feral druid in need of help Heroic horridon 10 man

    Well it seems this fight truly sucks for feral druids at the moment any tips or tricks to help me on my way to getting a kill I'm trying my best to keep rake up on targets and occasionally a rip and thrash http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-qhdmfo58k98spq7j/ logs from last night any feedback would be appreciated

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    I had a lot of problems on this boss in our progression tries. I found DOC harder to use on this fight, I ended up switching to HOTW just to get more damage out on the adds, as raking them up and keeping rip on the highest health targets didn't seem as effective. Here are the logs from my first kill on Wednesday: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/v...10758#Inadecat

    I ended up switching to hotw, with RoR proccing crit with my caster weapon it seemed to be really effective on the adds, and I was able to use it on the first and the 4th door in order to bring adds down.

    I tried as best as I could to keep Rip on the highest health targets. I also kept thrash up on all targets, and Rip on any targets that would live for a substantial amount of time. With RoR procs I found it best to just make sure I got one rip out and then thrash all targets.

    I'm in no way an expert on this boss, but I had a large amount of time to find a way that works for me.

    In terms of Dino management, I created both a faerie fire macro and a moonfire macro with which to knock the adds back, and also used Ursol's Vortex (it knocks it back 2-4 times depending on how lucky you get in my experience).

    I also found Displacer Beast quite useful on this fight, to quickly get out of shit on the floor (I have a tendency to stand in this sometimes - another reason why HOTW was better for me on this fight, I found it quite crowded with our high amount of melee and going range seemed to help me quite a lot). Displacer beast also seemed to help in the later stages of the fight, avoiding the Dino. It also seemed to help me position the boss for a charge so I don't inconvenience anyone else in the raid group.

    You might be needed to dispel on some doors (I was, it made things difficult for me at points, as dispelling distracted my attention and sometimes caused me to get hit by things in melee, I found it best to move slightly away from the mobs to dispel then move back in. This could get annoying, but by doing this you are a credit to team in terms of you save healer mana and possibly someone's life, and this may be more helpful than any potential DPS you could pump out.)

    Obviously i'm in no way an expert or perfect, I made a fair few mistakes on this fight, so I accept any criticism coming my way too :P
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    Get lock soulswap if you want some adds to die even faster after applying bleeds to horridon with the increase dmg taken. Also for the war god.
    If its possible, get more uptime on horridon, the only targets you can really fully bleed are the 2nd pair of priests and the dudes that charge and apply a bleed, whatever they're called, all the frost lords and sometimes the bears on the last door.
    Ferals just blow at killing adds, besides thrash cleaving, rake cleaving will drain your "focus fire" capabilities on the adds that need to die first.
    I'd say your dmg will be better spent on horridon than bleeding the misc. adds that have no priority.
    If you can handle DoC mouseover healing, that will probably be better than NV and allow you to buff all your thrashes

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