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    They need to rebalance realms.
    I see this happening as a result of losing subs, not as a way to fix it. Don't get me wrong it think they should combine some of the realms, there truly are some that just lack players.

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    It's simple. Put out a new expansion.
    Screw that noise. Yes one will come but hopefully we get to 5.5 at least before it hits.

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    I know people that have been playing WoW for so long the thought of actually trying anything else is a foreign concept to them. Once it gets low enough, people like that will stabilize the population.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Well all that does is give the price per hour and some rough PPP conversions. In reality it depends how many hours Chinese players play on average. Which is something we don't know.

    I mean, I pay US$15 a month (so 50c a day), so using the adjusted price is 25c per hour you'd have to play 2hrs a day on average to be paying as much as a US sub. Anything beyond that and you're paying more. Of course at 6c per hour, that's more like 8 hours per day.

    And they don't "let on" at all, Blizzard doesn't give sub numbers to players. They give some indications to investors, the only group of people to whom it matters.
    Your $15 is locked in and theirs isn't. Eight hours a day every single day of the year is extremely abnormal amount of time on a video game. You and I don't know how much the average Chinese player plays but let's not start at some outrageous number and pretend that the lack of data means we can't deviate from that number.

    It's the indications that are the issue. I've lived off dividend income since I was 18. My broker is the whiz but I know how he thinks and he would look at the east statement and know that a breakdown wasn't given for a reason.

    Giving an opinion that the average NA/EU player is worth more than the average Chinese players is a fair opinion. You can disagree with that but you opened with a dismissive know-it-all reply and you didn't even know how game cards work. Stop being so authoritative being you're not.

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