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    25m H-progression: What next after Jikun?

    We are currently 5/13. Done the following

    Jin'rokh. Horridon. Tortos. Mageara. Jikun.

    Wondering what's the 6th most easiest encounter for 25m? We are a melee heavy composition.

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    How melee heavy?

    We did Qon before Megaera in my guild, and that's a very manageable one

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    You should have no problem with Iron Qon.

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    followed by coucil, drumu, animus, twins and then lei shen? (we are at ji kun right now)
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    Council is pretty easy given current gear.

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    council with the new super buffed healer cds, keeping the raid up is now a breeze.

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    Yeah we did Council as our 5th HC boss, before Megaera and after Qon, and did it in 8 pulls. I'd say both Council and Qon should be simple targets.

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    Okay. We will be trying Qon tonight before reset and hopefully have time to clear council next week.

    We are melee heavy: 3 fury, 1 monk, 2 rogues, 2 DKs, 2 ferals and a Ret in our main roster
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    We killed Qon in 6 tries, he's even easiert than Ji-Kun.

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    Last phase with four lions, which did you guys down first? What is your strat?

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    Same order as you do the rest of the fight, fire - lightning - ice.

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    With fire, do you bother managing the stacking mechanics to spread debuffs or tank spank and Zerk it? We tried zerking... Normally only the rogues are left after he goes down.

    Wtb better defensives for warriors.

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    You shouldn't need to manage the fire stacks at all. Your raid needs to be saving their offensive cooldowns for the start of p4 to nuke down Ro'shak, blow lust and you shouldn't get more than like 7 stacks. The enrage timer is trivial, so just get through that and you should have a kill.

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    Do you lust on 2nd boss to avoid 2nd windstorm vs lust on last phase to escape stacking mechanics for Roshak? We have retardos that have a 75% mortality rate on windstorm (slaps forehead)

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    We had enough DPS to never get another Windstorm, honestly I don't even remember when we used lust lol
    We also had 4 WL for that kill, so most people went through portals :/

    But yeah, just nuke Ro'shak down, shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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    Not trying to step on toes here, but any chance we can keep non-warrior specific questions/comments/concerns out of the warrior column? It gets hard to filter through some of the threads. There are several threads open to this topic in the "Raids and Dungeons" forums that you can siphon through that will probably be more help, more quickly since there have already been in depth discussions on every single issue that you have presented.

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