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    Fuck you, that's where.
    Prince Malchezaar by far just because we always wiped due to RNG Infernals locking us in.
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    This is not exactly a wipe, but a kill. Still the most frustrating in my time:
    Pugging Immortal the last reset before it's gone.
    We are on KT, noone had died at all the whole instance.
    People are fast on CC, moving from void zones, blocks and mana thingy.
    Adds spawns and are picked up fast.
    We keep going, still noone are dead.
    KT goes below 10%. People are starting to yell shit in Vent etc.
    When KT is at 2.5% a Void Zone spawns in melee. The raidleader SCREAMS on Vent for all melee to move the fuck out.
    One shaman does NOT move. People are burning everything they have. The Shaman dies a splitsecond before KT goes down. Gone was my Immortal title and Drake.

    Needles to say, the shaman was lootbanned and I've NEVER EVER heard such swearing and cursing about one guy.
    He logged off Vent after 10 seconds and changed server the same day.

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    Professor Putricide HC.


    Fuck you. See ya tommorow.

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    While progressing on Heroic Durumu:

    We were on our best attempt yet (something like attempt 17 of the night), going into the 3rd maze/disintegration beam. We broke the Ice Wall rather quickly and were well on our way to victory with the boss sub 10%. We broke the final Ice Wall and were met with the most HORRIDLY placed Lingering Gaze that could have ever been placed. It covered the entire gap in the maze (we were about 10 yards out from the boss) and those that didn't die to the puddle were caught by the beam. Something like a 7% wipe. I'll try to find the stream footage.

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    Thaddius, 40 players one mistake. BOOM!!

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    Soloing Chimaeron in BWD an wiping on 20k.

    I remember wiping sub 50k three times in Cata aswell in 25HC, but cant remember which fights.
    Remember 200k wipe on V&T 25HC.
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    Heroic Vizier. So many >1% wipes due to the OT eating an Orb, and Song of the Empress chaining the other group to death. Painful progression followed by nerd rage when it died. Good times.

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    Probaly back in SWP where my guild wiped on 117 hp on brutallus (2nd boss), a boss which at the time was a super hard gear check, and to come so close and fail. Omg.

    A more recent frustating wipe has been in ToT where a 140k wipe on hc durumu and a 152k wipe on hc primordius has been a slap in the face.

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    Heroic Council of Elders, 3 people Alive after the most terrible Twisted Fate. Only Kazra'Jin is alive, 4 Mil Hp left. We all watched in Horror as he grew in Dark Power and the Rogue, Blood Dk and Warlock killed themselves desperately trying to kill the boss.
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    Shade of Aran wipes were always the best "Why the hell did you mooooooove!?!?!" ...but not really the most frustrating. I remember bashing my head on the keyboard on pretty much every end of xpac boss at some point.
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    Wiping on Kael'Thas over and over....and over.

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    My guild did open guild raids in 4.3 every week, but it was common to see the same ~6-8 people show up every week (myself, some officers and full-time raiders). However, one week, we were stuck with 3 of the newbiest guildies we could get.

    On Spine, they were rolled off on the first roll every time. We basically had to 8-man (or 7-man) that fight. We eventually got spine down to no or 1 wipe a week, but suddenly it took us 6 tries to beat it. Was not fun at all (especially since we usually lost on plate 2 or 3)

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    My most frustrating wipe was back in LK. We were working progression on 25m Ulduar and were on Auriaya, had been wiping on her for the better part of an hour, we get her down to 5% and like 4dps and 2 healers are dead, everyone basically assumed it was a guaranteed kill and slacked off dpsing/healing (was so frustrated at the time lol) and we wound up wiping at 0%. She had like 8,000 hp tops. I wanted to bash my face into the keyboard lol.

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    I feel the same way. Same as mine.

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    Most frustrating would have to be putricide. God I hate that guy...

    Lich King would be second on that I think, only because the fight wasn't so RNG based and if you wiped you knew you screwed up somewhere.

    Oh, I take that back, most frustrating wipe is going to be when too many people die and it's an obvious wipe, but the tank and heals can stay alive to hit enrage and don't stop healing. It's like beating a dead horse...

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    Lei Shen. 2m HP wipe.

    We didn't see P3 again all night. Mostly because our tactics were shite for the transition phases, but we've killed him now.

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