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    Team 1 - officers and their buddies. +4 spots
    Team 2 - ragtag whatever is leftover in guild group

    Me and 2 of my buddies were in team 1, but then some new elitists joined the guild and when the officers saw how fast they were progressing they swapped them for us and we were left in group 2. I quit the guild in anger because ive been a good guildy always showing up to raids and passing on some loot to others even if i needed it, and being in grp2 was equivalent to being a benchwarmer. My buddies convinced me to come back and we led group 2. Turns out the elitists in grp 1 were constantly fighting with the other half for "their way" on strats and what not, never got anything done. We surpassed grp1's progression by 2 bosses and then the officers decided they wanted us back in group 1. Gave them the big F-U and my buddies as well as our grp2 made our own guild.

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    we sort of broke during t12 Firelands.

    the old guild was a 25man, but we were having trouble filling all the spots no matter how much the officers tried recruiting.
    then something unpleasant happend between the raid leader and guild leader where they both ended up taking a break from it.
    the remaining officers couldnt pull it toghter anymore after all that and decided it might be better to go 10man with the remaining ones, which was pretty much the core of older and more experience raiders. the Guildmaster didnt allow them to go 10man, saying he would disband the guild if they did that.
    so we split off and reformed in a 10man pushing a lot more progress after it and still going strong since then.

    at a point during it, i thought it would be the end of the guild. but our remaining officers did an outstanding job with creating and solidifying the new guild in a short amount of time. and im glad i am able too raid with our current guild. since i had probally quit if the old guild had died and the new one didnt was created.

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    Raided with a guild for 3 years up till the end of firelands. We were all in our 20s and 30s and life just took over I guess. People started working more and having other commitments so we all agreed to stop raiding. Rather boring guild break up lol. In that guild i was the youngest at 22, felt odd when I joined my next guild and I was the oldest in my raid team after being the youngest for so long.
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    Played since classic and I have been in several guilds. As just a member/raider in these guilds, I never saw them die out. I left those for other reasons.

    My only experience with a guild collapse was during wotlk where I was GM with several other cool ingame friends as officers. We started this guild very late BC so never got to raid then. In wotlk we started with nax and the other raids. Did fine in all tiers, but it started to collapse when ICC came out. We actually did OK progress. We killed the 4 first bosses fairly quickly.

    The breakpoint came when we were working on one of the bosses. It was that ugly thing that spawned green shit on the sides and small adds that become big(cant recall name). Anyway, we had worked on him for some time and it was getting frustrating. Many faults etc. Suddenly, at one attempt we get him really low. It ended with a 1% wipe. After that, we never got close. Many of us got burned out so we kinda called it quits on raiding, but we kept on playing more casually.

    This was a guild that mainly did 10 man. We tried during nax times to go into 25 man, but it got to frustrating.

    Probably the best time I have had in wow. The raids we had was so fun. We were 10 people with various skilled players. Some were just your average gamer and some were really good. But all of us laughed on vent, talked alot and just had a great time. I will forever miss those days. All of those friends have now quit the game. All of them has come back to wow and random times between late wotlk and mop, but never stayed around.

    I will forever miss the friends I made then and all the fun I had. Nothing can replace the special feeling I had during wotlk, where I was the GM of a guild with great people. It was not just about the gear and progress, but actually having fun with others. We were never the best, we knew that, but we had great fun.

    Paranormal on Burning Blade EU. Best of times.

    PS: This guild was sold sometime during Cata since my friend(who I gave GM status when I had a longe pause from the game) sold the guild for gold. He asked me if it was ok and I did not bother:P No one was around in the guild anymore, he had just used it for his alts.
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    My Vanilla/TBC guild broke up due to the Guild Leader entering into a sexual relationship with a raider, who wasnt well any good, and subsequently became a pussy whipped douche.
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    1 guild in WoW that broke up and 1 in WAR.

    WoW guild:

    This was back in 2007/2008, I asked a question in gchat about which weapon was best for a Rogue. This started a arguement in the chat between the leader and out main rogue player, cant remember who said what but one was saying mace and the other dagger. The arguement went on for a while and ended up draggin most of the guild into the fray, but after a while it calmed down and everyone agreed to disagree and got back to playing and chatting.

    I log in the next day to find I had been kicked from the guild, at first I thought it was just an error but then noticed I had a mail, went and checked it and it was from the Gleader saying he had kicked everyone from the guild and was going to stop playing for a while or something along those lines. I think nothing of it and set about trying to find my old guild mates to start up a new one when I notice something weird, I see a guy that is in my old guild still...not to long after I get a party invite from a old member who tells me that the real problem was that after we had logged off it all kicked off again between the rogue and the Gleader and he had basically kicked half thr guild out because they where either recruited by the rogue or his friends.

    On the upside those that got kicked started a new guild, and the old guild died not long after due to lack of players.

    TDLR: Guild fell apart over an arguement about best Rogue weapon.
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    Back in wrath my raid leader didn't want to do anything other then Naxx so I faction transferred to the horde and a week or so later the guild died and I was blamed for it dieing. Second guild died at the end of cata since people got bored of playing.
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    I was in a guild back in BC that was the worst mixture of egos I'd ever seen. It was the joining of two of the major raid guilds at the time. It broke within the same month because the guild leader was too greedy with loot, among every virtually every other warning sign you'd find it a bad guild. I left shortly before it broke apart...I could just tell it wasn't going to end well.

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    My last guild, Skeleton Crew, broke up because of lack of raiders in our time slot, a general lack of good players and officers burnt out on recruitment.

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    Not sure if you can call it a break up, but one day the GM of my old guild logged on, said "fuck you guys" in guild chat, kicked everybody, and disbanded the guild. As far as we were aware, there was no reason that could have caused this.

    We never heard from him after that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    Isn't it a little hypocritical to complain about people not being nice in Wow anymore and then laugh about destroying a guild many of your members seemingly enjoyed being in simply because your friend didn't want to deal with it? There were about a hundred much better solutions that wouldn't have involved treating your members like garbage.
    As said, there were no hard feelings among those originally from my guild, at least the regulars. Most thought it was funny, and the friendships remained. Besides, with people maxing out, the leveling guild was losing its purpose and everyone knew it.

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    I've been to a few guilds that broke up or ceased.

    In one of them there was a group of friends, one of whom was a pretty good player, but had a sailor's mouth case and bad attitude coupled with leadership talent. He got kicked or convinced to leave the guild a long time ago. But then after a long time he returned to WoW and his friends convinced the GM to let that guy in again. He quickly became an officer and started leading raids. His language and manners earned him hate of about a third of a guild.

    His friends also got quite a bit of dislike for aligning with him. They started using a separate vent, did rbgs/alt raids together without inviting anyone outside their group. One day the GM spoke up and reprimanded the new officer for the excessive profanity. The guy blew up, left guild, and within hours all of his friends left too.. A pity, among them there were some good players. They formed a 10 man guild that was not successful and blew up.
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    We had some ppl spewing venom and other toxic behaviors that came as close as anything else has. We did lose a few decent ppl also because of the actions of 3 or 4. Luckily you cut out the cancers in the guild and you often recover stronger and better.
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    My original guild in vanilla cant even remember why any more. I was an officer in the guild at the time logged in to see a bunch of people fighting nect thing i know guild leader splits starts a new guild. I joined with him but one awesome guild became two shitty guilds. That was shortly before BC made a tauren druid forgot about the alliance toons for a few years raided all of BC then basically the same thing happened, though that was an arguement over raid teams. One raid team split started new guild I stayed but slowly my friends left just in time for the pre WotLK zombie patch. Went back to an alliance alt ran into the first friend I had made in WoW joined up with his guild at the start of Wrath been there ever since.

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    lets see
    ye several times, mostly during TBC tho
    ppl stopped showing up was mostly the reason. sometimes guild drama.

    in wrath i joined crit happens on burning steppes. stayed with them untill mop (took game break in between)
    the entire guild did ally reroll on outland, i followed and we are still on outland as impossible tiger.
    the guild has cleared MSV but it seems ppl got tired doing HoF and lately no raids is happening.
    no plans leaving tho, im way too casual to be in any raiding guild.

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