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    Horridon - finally got him down pre-nerf after a bunch of pulls and heroic is proving to be a pain.

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    25 H Lei shen by far....200 + wipes best pull 9% also dark animus 130 wipes.

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    I have a 171 wipes on....normal Stone Guardians. Crazy I know. We tried to raid eariler this expac. Took new tanks who still had greens on. Actually go a kill the first week at around 100 wipes and then didn't get a kill at all the 2nd week. On the flip side, we got Lei Shen down in under 20 pulls

    Garalon at 103, but we wasted some nights trying to carry some terrible guildmates.

    Horrodon is #3 at 83 wipes, around 60 before the first nerfs
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    Heroic Ambershaper. Seriously, that fight can go die an incredibly painful death. Easily the worst designed fight I've ever done.

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    Reset Kings from mogushan only 1 attempt each 5-7 was a good one, >300 wipes, 250 or so less than 5seg :P. Apart from that, obviously sha of fear hc, ~120

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thedave View Post
    How has no one mentioned H-Ambershaper... easily the worst heroic since H-Rhyolith.

    Hilariously enough, I think H-Empress was the boss we wiped the least on (3 pulls?)

    (Note: when current)
    that's a load of crap...

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    If lfr counts (casual player so haven't done any normal modes), Dark Animus probably. Dat chaos.

    Also Durumu is kinda lethal but enough people usually learn it at max 2 wipes per time.

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    Probably those dogs at the start of Scarlet Halls on CM. Those fuckers are lethal, but I havn't laughed that hard in a long while.

    Nothing in MoP will compare to the amount of Sindragosa heroic wipes I've had though

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    Stone guard!!!75 wipes next up is Troll council in tot with about 35 -_- buggers.

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    10m Heroic Vizier I'd say, well over a 100 wipes. Honorable mentions go out to 10m Normal Stone Guards which was exactly 66 wipes (it was a casual guild).

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    Very sad to say that it's The Stone Guard in Mogu'shan Vaults. Close to 100 wipes. Normal.
    Statix will suffice.

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    Heroic Dark Animus before kill: 121 wipes 25m
    Heroic Lei Shen: current at 171 wipes.. could be more.

    "I am Rei Shen, prease!!"

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    Only slightly lost
    Around 340 wipes on herioc sha of fear.
    We didn't kill him.

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    1. Heroic Dark Animus clocking in at a mighty 172 progression wipes
    2. Heroic Lei Shen at 163
    3. Heroic Imperial Vizier Zor'lok at 143

    All of the above figures easily surpass any wipe numbers from previous expansions for me.
    Vereesa formerly of Paragon and Depraved

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    I dont think anything will be able to beat Garalon. Ohh lord Garalon...

    Horridon prenerf tried Garalon won out in the end.

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    Elegon heroic... was up around 100 tries or something

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    Most wipes in T14 & T15 MoP, all Heroic'S

    Heroic MSV W/L Ratio
    Spirit Kings 10/62

    Heroic HoF W/L Ratio
    Imperial Vizier Zor'lok 3/116

    Heroic ToeS W/L Ratio
    Lei Shi 3/68

    Heroic Thrones of Thunder W/L Ratio
    Council of Elders 1/68
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    Probably Heroic Shek'zeer, that fight was insane.

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    Have stopped playing but id gladly share my stats.

    Stone Dogs N 3 Wipes
    Feng the Accursed N 4 wipes
    Garajal the Spiritbinder N 12 wipes
    Spirit Kings N 8 wipes
    Elegon N 62 wipes
    Will of Emperors N 0 wipes
    Imperial VizierZorlok N 4 wipes
    Blade Lord Tayak N 13 wipes
    Garalon N 56 wipes
    Wind Lord Meljarak N 34 wipes
    Amber-Shaper Unsok N 22 wipes
    Grand Empress Shekzeer N 3 wipes
    Protectors of the Endless Elite N 0 wipes
    Tsulong N 0 wipes
    Lei Shi N 2 wipes
    Sha of Fear N 5 wipes
    Stone Dogs HC 16 wipes
    Feng the Accursed HC 13 wipes
    Garajal the Spiritbinder HC 14 wipes
    Spirit Kings HC 4 wipes
    Elegon HC 12 wipes
    Jinrokh the Breaker N 1 wipes
    Horridon N 15 wipes
    Council of Elders N 9 wipes
    Tortos N 52 wipes
    Megaera N 4 wipes
    Ji-kun 3 wipes
    Durumu the Forgotten 44 wipes
    Primordius 12 wipes
    Dark Animus 12 wipes

    Hmm Elegon takes the lead XD
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    25 H Horridon, 100 + wipes before the first down


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