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    The issue I have with "gogogogogogo!" is this:
    Have it ever helped? If the tank is any good, he probably have a reason for stopping. If he's a baddie, or an inconciderate prick who is busy watching youtube, have it ever caused him to move faster?

    All "gogo" manages to do is annoy good and reasonable tanks, while the pricks just don't give a shit.

    Also, sometimes I do get people saying "gooooo!" or "pull more!" even when I am chain pulling. When it comes to that, again it wont help, and I just end up ignoring you instead.

    Ninja pulling is mostly a non issue to me. You yank it you tank it, unless I happen to pull it back. I just don't care.

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    Pets/other players that taunt off me is my only real pet peeve when tanking, rarely anyone "go"'s me though i'm sure that would get under my skin as well.
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    I'm honestly not that concerned with 2) when I'm on my tank. If they can handle what they pull, fine by me. If they can't, their fault.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tornado shanks View Post
    I love tanking first and foremost; however, some things annoy me.

    1. DPS starting to DPS when I am making a big pull before I have finished with the pull, and I end up having to taunt from all the dumb ass DPS that does not know nuke once the tank has finished his pull

    2. Tanking LFR......

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    1. i usually like tank to pull big and healer heal big in whole instance. It's a easy clean up to my hunter. faster pace= faster jp and vp and gold reward random. If it comes to newcomer tank that has little experience or none, i md and take my dps easily or go ahead nuke like madman and let tank try to improve his awareness ability. I don't want to feel like an asshole to kick them, but most of time group may be an asshole to kick them out.

    2. If i aggro them, i usually tank them on my own or kite them along with my frost trap. I like challenge something. I like to be slap in face. >=D
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    Quote Originally Posted by catbeef View Post
    i tend to slow down when someone says 'go.'
    Those are exactly the tanks that i kick regardless if it takes 1 hour to get a new one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulForge View Post
    When I tank there is a reason I don't pull immediately.

    I either know my limitations or I am monitoring the status of our healer. (Mana mostly) DPS can easily be replaced. Healer and Tanks are harder to do so.
    I never watched healer mana in 5mans since Wrath. I just pull.

    Tanks got a crapload of specials and most of the tanks are nearly unkillable in 5man. There was even a time where we did Scholomance and tried to do the final boss achievment. We had to wipe because we failed it. The problem was that my second wind was healing me for so much that my health did not drop until I layed down weapon and shield in fight.

    As a tank you should always reach out for the limit. How else should you be able to tell how far you can go.

    Once you reach a certain gear level you can do most of the stuff in 5mans without a healer.

    Man if I think back in time when we did lvl 60 dungeons ... we actually used CC. Lol.
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    I love tanking, but hate it when... no all tanks are using the same tanking model, warriors (which i am) using the stamina mastery & d/p where other tanks can use stats like crit agility or haste.

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    My biggest gripe with tanking is having my tier pieces be the "Protector" token which never drops. Have ToT on farm and still only 1 piece of tier. Other than that i love tanking.

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    People who cant make up their mind for what pace to run the hc in.

    Did a hc on my blood dk. Goes about this: I pull 2 packs, healer runs off and pulls 2 more with a "Im in a hurry, do this fast please!". I accept it as he's the healer, pulls 4 packs and starts moving towards next pack while keeping all the mobs on me. Dies, followed by the rest of the group. Healer: Fss, dont pull so much you f#"¤%ing idiot!
    Then he leaves the group. Yes, that was my (and the rest of the groups) lol for the evening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tornado shanks View Post
    I love tanking first and foremost; however, some things annoy me.

    1. When I'm tanking a heroic and someone simply says "go". I'm definitely being hypersensitive about this one, but there's just something really condescending about it for some reason.

    2. DPS that facepull (I generally let them tank whatever they pulled)

    Would love to hear what pisses other tanks off.
    yep... let em tank what they pull. I don't taunt off them but usually my normal tank rotation will get aggro off them regardless. I also leave mobs on taunting hunter/lock pets etc. dgaf

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlwvolsfanjr View Post
    this is whats wrong with most tanks you like to pretend your incharge of the dungeon and your better than everyone

    nothing pisses me off more than a dumbass tank that takes too much pride in being the person who pulls shit I pull shit to the tank all the time for 2 reasons the tank can pick it up when it gets to us other its half dead if not already dead b4 it gets to us and tanking just sitting there watching is a dumbass and is just wasting the groups time because he cant get over his pride
    And this is what's wrong with dps mentality in randoms.

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    i like my dungeons fast so if im on my tank alt i like to chainpull unless i run out of cds. what i dont like are helaers spamming flashheal nad obv taunting.

    on my hunter main however if the tank tends to afk after each pull i have no issues asking the healer if i can tank and increasing the pace alot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    omfg lmfao

    tanks are the group leader. apperantly you have some dps is even needed to complete a 5 man complex.
    Tanks aren't needed to complete the faceroll heroics we have right now.

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    I can't see "gogo" without thinking of wowcrendor. I'm completely immune to the annoyance because of that.

    I don't really mind when dps act out when I tank. I don't tank much, so I appreciate the challenge to give me practice keeping things under control.

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    People who try to skip mobs religiously, and then it goes wrong. In the swampy type place in ToT before Mag, everyone tries to just manuever through all the trash, and someone always pulls. Though the people following the tank pay no attention, people alone get picked off and the whole thing takes forever.

    Just kill a few select more hard to dodge trash mobs and we will all save some fucking time.

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    Kind of sounds like you're a slow tank.

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    What I hate most is if people don't even try to adapt to my pace. There are these ultra casuals who have their spellbooks in the screen all day long and read every tooltip before they push the button to do something. These people tend to afk even longer after every trashpack or whenever something drops resulting in them being left behind. Then some "nice guys" wait for them, return to them and then when they finally return it's like "silence". Even though they have like 3 groups added when finally arriving at the scene they are like super "not realizing what they do". I think then "yeah just die please and let me handle this one group alone without your shit adding me and killing all of us" but it's to late. The nice guy tries to make me tank everything and save his nice world and if I ignore him he would start flaming and what not. Sometimes I even turn my camera around and look how they add groups and all these phenomenal stunts... I want to forget..
    Or when some DPS is just bad and going ahead. I mean if someone think pulling is cool that's fine. I will simply go ahead and pull the next group since I am awesome too. BUT don't dare to call on me like "TANK??? tank these mobs???? don't go forward alone??????" when you die or the healer is not realizing what's going on... Well I don't argue with LFG people anymore. I leveled so many toons through dungeons and geared up so many toons in all the addons... It's not worth it. They will never catch up and comprehend what's going on. I simply do my job in my own pace, I don't return to be nice and I ignore dps-pulls while going ahead and do my thing. No matter how skilled someone is to understand situations all it takes is some focus.

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    Here Here! Lifegrip never should have been implemented and is also the one thing that pisses me off above all others!

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    If you have an expectation as to how fast the tank should be pulling, then go pug one yourself.
    If you think a tank can go faster, then talk to them.
    Do not tell them to hurry up, but inform them that the group is capable of keeping up and ask if they are able to do that.

    If a dps chooses to pull something that they are not intending to deal with themselves then generally it should not be the job of the tank to deal with that.
    It is nothing to do with terrible tanks, but dps who need to learn their role.
    This coming from someone who mains a warlock and tries to appreciate that I am just 1 part of a group.

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