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    I can see a Tank being next to useless, unless there are a lot of AOE mobs.

    Last night we ran a random heroic as two DPS and a Heals. After the first few groups I asked the Healer to switch to deeps because we simply didn't need the healing.

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    Tank + 2 DPS
    2 DPS + Healer

    3 DPS is not recommended unless you have quite a lot of gear. Stuff hits relatively hard and has a lot of HP. I actually had to use cooldowns and self-healing on my 523 Monk in the H Blood in the Snow scenario to stay alive through a couple of the packs, particularly the last one.

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    we've been doing 2 locks 1 rogue an its working out perfectly i run with soul leech soul link voidwalker (improved verison) other lock runs demo an we have no drama
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    We´ve been 3 Melee DDs, Rogue, Warrior, DK, and we had literally no issues. I died once for not paying attention, DK B-rezzed me, continue. Bonus valor was aquired.

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    We were: mage (frost), ret pala & disc priest- made all hero and some even with achievement. Maybe I should add all three of us are @ ilvl +-520. So I think it might be a bit difficult for alts with less gear. But I haven't tested it yet so I rather say nothing

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    Did 2 at early hours with randoms,3xdps(Lock,Mage,Warr) - no issues at all.Like 2 hours ago did all of them with guildies(Lock,Rogue,Blood DK)fast and smooth.

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    Any setup not involving 2 tanks / 2 healers. We have run tank + 2 dps and 3 dps without any issues.

    I guess anything works really. Just running 2/3 dps or tank/dps/healer works best.
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    I was 3 DPS'ing them yesterday. Granted I'm 540 ilvl (Was carrying lower ilvl people though). As long as you don't stand in obvious ground effects, the bosses and mobs do very little damage.
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    If you're doing three DPS just don't do anything incredibly stupid and pay attention to abilities.

    Two DPS and a healer you can pretty much go full retard and half pay attention to abilities.

    Tank, healer and DPS you might have problems reaching some of the bonus objectives but you should never die.

    Personally I run most of them as two DPS and a healer focused around damage. Allows you to be reckless and easily reach the objectives. Tank and two DPS is also an attractive option, as long as the tank is DPS focused and not survival focused.

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    Three people with a pulse.
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    While they're new and it's not yet common knowledge what's going on with them, taking a healer along is probably a good thing. Especially if you don't already outgear them. Later on 3 DPS will probably be the optimal thing. I do think that tanks are a little bit left out on this but it's a really fine line between a boss you can get down without a tank and one that requires one. Since you can now set your drop preferences up for them any way you like I don't know if that's all that much of a problem.

    Like everything else, when you mostly outgear something composition takes a back seat.
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    3 dps is probably the easiest for timers etc, but you need to pay attention in that case, if you have a healer you can fuck up the mechanics a lot more and not die

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    We do any comp that players have toons for, last night I did tank+2dps twice, heal+2dps once and 3dps once.

    of the three I found tank+2dps easiest. You don't have to skip anything or worry about anything with a tank.
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    I tanked most of them last night, with 2 DPS as teh remaining party. Tanking wasn't really *needed*, but it was convenient as we just masspulled. I'm inclined to say it was faster than if I would have gone dps, as in that case we would have had to pull smaller groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnolp View Post
    2dps+healer is how I just did a few. healer is handy simply cause some damage is a bit high if you slip up and 2 dps is easily enough to steam roll it.

    I doubt a tank would help much at all, since most of the damage is random aoe.
    We completed Dark Heart of Pandaria with prot-pala (at least I *think* he was in his mainspec... but he might as well have been ret... who knows ^^), holy-pala and ele-shamy because the three of us were at that questline-step and decided to just do the scenario quest together and just pair it the heroic scenario daily. It was handy to have a tank, it was handy to have a healer. Something that can serve as a tank is probably enough.

    I imagine it to be uncomfortable without a healer... just because my most recent experience without a healer was Blood in the Snow normal. Random guy mage and dk, and me in ele spec. I was more off-healing than I was dpsing. Might as well have entered as a healer because then I wouldn't have had to drink up my mana so often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feylor View Post
    The timer shows up on the bonus thingy that lists the objective(s) when it starts. I didn't notice it until like my 3rd heroic when someone else pointed it out so it's possible it's buggy and not always there, but I definitely saw it on at least one heroic scenario. Even still, it would be nice to know ahead of time how long the timer is, though if you run enough and pay attention I'm sure it's just something you'll learn over time.

    3 DPS is totally doable to other people's comments, the trick is just learning the boss fights and how to handle the mechanics.
    Ok, it must be buggy b/c I did another random heroic last night & definitely didn't see the timer - I was really looking for it. I think it was the brewing one? We had a tank & 2 dps & completed the bonus.

    I'm thinking any group w/ at least 2 dps would be fine, unless you're really overgeared - then it doesn't matter.

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    Anything goes really, best setup would probably be 2 dps+a tank with solid dps and selfhealing (brewmaster would probably be ideal), if he's whoring a bit he can easily pull the same numbers as the dpsers and give them a lot less to worry about. Really though, your setup doesn't matter and I don't really think heroic scenarios serve a point other than gearing ppl up, I was hoping for something challenge mode esque but the scenarios (including the bonus objectives) are incredibly easy.

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    I've run them with 2 DPS + 1 Healer, and 2 DPS and 1 Tank. Both worked fine. The healer mentioned that he didn't have to do much healing and that the hunter's tank pet didn't need any.

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