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    Should frost glyph outbreak? and plz help with sustained aoe

    just a quick question, im having trouble with sustained frost aoe, could anybody give me some pointers, right now i feel i am waiting on something to press which leads me to think im doing something wrong, and secondly, is it worth it glyphing outbreak for frost? and only reappling diseases via that or Blight? thanks alot lads

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    No, nobody uses the outbreak glyph.

    To AE as frost, spam HB, spend unholy runes on death and decay, and frost strike when possible. Spend extra unholy runes on plague strike for the RP. If you're using RE keep one unholy rune unused.

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    Well this is kind of a no-brainer but obviously use howling blast as often you can, fill the time you spend recharging runes dropping dnd and frost strike to stack up your blood charges, there really is'nt much more to it.

    Also no, you need your RP for your frost strikes, you just reapply your blood plague with Plague Strike like usual.

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    It actually might be slightly better spending unholy runes on Obliterate, due to its higher damage and Rime, particularly as 2H. And if DW you can switch your offhand to Cinderglacier too, if you really want to get hardcore. I don't bother with either one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    It actually might be slightly better spending unholy runes on Obliterate
    for sustained frost aoe, even as a 2H frost dk you dont want to waste runes on Obliterate, and you leave 1 unholy rune up so your RE will always return a frost rune.
    check out the icy-veins.com dk aoe rotation guide, it does a great job of explaining what to do.

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