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    Frenzy not stacking- BM

    Hey all.

    Ive got this bug after 5.3 launched that I want to see if others are getting it as well and if so if they have rectified it or not.

    I noticed that my pet wont achieve any stacks of Frenzy when Iam fighting raid bosses. During trash or dungeons it works fine but when I fight bosses I might be lucky to get 1 stack 2 or 3 times throughout the fight.

    Ive tried other pets and kind of messing around but nothing has worked. Is anybody else experiencing this?

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    I've noticed the same last night!!

    Hope they get that fixed soon.

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    Pets are bugged right now and aren't using their Basic attack (Claw/Bite etc) a lot of the time when it's on Autocast. Because of this you won't gain any frenzy stacks. You can fix this my macroing your pet's basic attack into all your abilites.

    For example, this is my Arcane Shot macro.

    #showtooltip Arcane Shot
    /cast Bite
    /cast Rabid
    /cast Arcane Shot
    /use 6

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    It seems that respeccing your pet and then changing it back seems to fix this issue.

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