Hi all,

It looks like resto druids are becoming a go-to FC spec for RBGs. Can those of you who have been doing it for a bit share what you have learned so far about what works best with regards to gemming and talents?

I hesitate to replace too many of my +int gems with anything more tanky since they're only for FC maps, but I would definitely do it if it would make a large enough difference. So far, I have played with both displacer beast and wild charge and haven't been able to settle on one ... displacer is obviously nice for getting out of tough spots, but WC is great for jumping to wild mushrooms on the roof of the flag room. I also find myself using vortex quite a bit for kiting the opposing team in our base. What talents have you guys found to be the most useful?

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Also, what symbiosis have you guys found to be most useful? DK anti-stun? Lock portal? please share your experiences.