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    Queing for wrong slots in BGs is not hurting teams as stated by DEV

    i was just in a BG, 15 vs 15 team....8 of the other team were healers in healer spec. with only 2 healers we got ROFL-STOMPED and could kill no one. so either the system still allows a team to roll with over 50% comp of healers or they qued DPS and slip thru. either way the system is not working.

    having too many healers even with the 4th healing nerf rolling into MOP now is still gamebreaking

    my res druid is able to que for a BG as a tank, dps, or heals. imo this is where the problem still is, where a hybrid class is given free slate to que as anything.

    healer specs imo should not be able to que DPS, just as a DPS spec should not be able to que as a healer (prot pal, s-priest, etc.) to slip thru the cracks

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    THe BG queueing system is currently disabled.

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