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    Levelling Alchemy and Engineering Impossible soon?

    Hello Everybody.
    Slowly but Surely the Professions get options to be levelled with current Pandaland materials instead of Items from the previous expansions.

    It started with Inscription some Weeks into Launch, followed by Blacksmithing and now the Gathering professions. Now if the majority of people will level their gathering Professions exclusively with Pandaland mats, will it be impossible to Level Alchemy and Engineering in the future?

    Of course it may also stay the same because Blacksmithing levelling and Inscription Leveling does not recuire older Herbs/ore any more but who knows. MAybe someone of you who knows can post their predictions here.

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    blizz did say they had intentions of updating all the profession to this newer system, it's all a matter of time.

    cos yea, JC, eng and LW are all a total bitch to level.

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    What makes it impossible? Just go out and gather the stuff yourself. We all have alts.

    There'll also always be new people playing the game, or people levelling new alts. They tend to gather stuff while levelling. Not only that, but I highly doubt Blizzard will leave such an obvious discrepancy between professions; there'll be ways to level all profs with current mats soon, I reckon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisho View Post
    We all have alts.
    This is just wrong. Dont conclude from your expieriences to others.

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    they should consider putting every profession with the baseline skill of the curent expansion (i.e. now they all start at 525) or simply have a few baseline MoP patterns trainable at 1 skill (i.e. cloth bolts, green cuts)
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    For all those changes do now is, they are a blessing for gatherers.
    Old mats are still required, yet fewer people can get arsed to go and get them, instead they stay in the endzones. Results in better revenue for those who actually take the efforts and get them.
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    Leveling profs in general needs a revamp. Not removal of old recipes from people's profs, but removal from training, with new, helpful recipes in its place (keep or improve upon the major heirloom enchants). Tailoring for example, doesn't have much you'd actually use before maybe outland level crafted gear. Enchanting has its own problems as well. Especially when you get to recipes that need mats that were based on people getting and putting on AH because content was current; nearly impossible to farm for to use while leveling; things like essence of fire or nightmare vines ... especially on dead servers, you won't find these mats ... the game shouldn't have such a strong barrier for new players; ofc those of us with (several) mains/max can look it up and farm it ... but new players just find it frustrating ... they can't farm it, they can't find it ... and trying to keep up with your level (because even without any xp boost, leveling is extremely fast), where you can make stuff useful to you (isn't that part of the reason a new player would level a profession in the first place?) is just not possible.

    I'm sure they have a small team working on each of the professions. Though with a slightly larger team, it would've all been done ... but trying to please everyone, and have some form of regular content updates is taxing them as it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripponesan View Post
    This is just wrong. Dont conclude from your expieriences to others.
    Fine then, we all have the ability to have alts, or even better yet. Level herbalism/mining, farm the mats yourself, drop herbalism/mining, pick up alchemy/engi, ???, profit.

    I did this on my hunter during wrath for leatherworking/jewelcrafting, it's not hard.
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    There will still be people leveling though.

    Also, Pandaria gathering of stuff is not very profitable with stuff like 10 nuggets of ore to make 1 actual ore. I see it more as a way to help with the problematic parts of overall leveling (e.g. Outland area), than a way to totally avoid old content. For example, there are a lot more plants in Sholazar than in any Pandaria zone which would imo make leveling of herbalism faster there (and more profitable).
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    They should make training kits that require panaria mat scraps that can be crafted at any level and give 5-10 level ups prr use. No point crafting 200000 shit quality items when you outlevrl content so fast.

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