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    516 ilvl weapons, prismatic socket?

    Just wondering before I go and waste the gold, can you put a prismatic socket on these?

    Thank you.

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    The blacksmithing reborn epics? I thought they changed it to allow the prismatic socket recently?
    "Eye of the Black Prince can now be used to apply a prismatic socket on Reborn weapons." quote from the patch notes.

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    I think he's talking about the 516 you get from the chests.
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    The Blacksmithing reborn items are 502 ilevel and he's talking about the weapons from the heroic scenario / challenge modes bag
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    Confirming that you can not. I bought one for me, found out I couldn't use it, and petitioned to have my 2250 gold refunded which the GM gladly did.

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    I was actually refering to the weapon you can get from the heroic scenarios, sorry I should have mentioned that.

    Thank you very much for the replies

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