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    Hey guys i just wanted to get some info about some issues that am dealing with atm i use autohotkey a lot in wow for getting mail / sending / staying online and sometimes replaying to chat and in movements (scripts that keep loping) when ever am lazy. but the issue is that i have never been issued a ban ever since i started playing the US servers in 2009 (since i moved to the states i gave up on my eu account) and about 2 weeks ago i went to sleep woke up and bam License terminated and every time i submit a ticket they keep telling me that the penalty has already been upheld and i was using a bot or 3rd-party software for botting now i know a lot of people that use Autohotkey and never got any ban or anything or contacted a Gm and asked them and said there are no worries in eu and us but after 50 tickets and the same replays and contacting blizzard via phone am starting to give up after all the effort and time spent on my account with 5 level 90's high warlord/ hero of the horde / the insane titles all went to waste so back to the main discussion point Do you get banned for using Autohotkey ?

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    Scripts that automate things like movement are against the TOS and can get you banned if you're caught. You got caught.

    End of story.
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    Unfortunately we can't do anything to assist you here. Yes, you will get banned as it breaks the TOS.

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