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    Best wau to use Elixir of Ancient Knowledge

    Just wondering if anyone has good ideas for the best place to use Elixir of Ancient Knowledge. I'm currently level 18 on my Hunter alt and I'm camping Krol on my main at the same time to get these. I currently only have 1 but should get more today.

    I heard mob tagging some mobs in Deepholm from 82 is good but I should be able to get 82-84 with 1 Elixir there so I'm wondering if there's any specific places earlier than 82 to use other ones, or if I should just use it for some dungeons or something.

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    BE SUPER CAREFUL the effect doesnt persist after death, but dungeon should be fairly safe as long as no one in your party has a death wish

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    Yeah one gank and bye bye buff. I'd go with dungeons (having said that I died halfway through mine due to being on a Mage and aggroing like a mofo as usual... I blame the tank :P).

    I'd save it for the worst parts of the level grind, which for me is late BC and late Wrath. 65-68 and 75-78 or thereabouts. Then use it in dungeons and be very careful.
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    End Wrath... lvl 78+
    Cata = Stone Troggs farmign spot with a friendly healer pal...
    it equals 1 hour /5lvls
    Woop Woop Woop...

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    i used 1 from 80, got to 84 within the hour. had a blood dk friend spam run me thru all cata dungeons, so that was the dungeons+their quests. buff ran out at about 80% thru 84.

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    I got so many that I just drink them one after the other...

    So my suggestion is .. get as many as possible and perm-use them from 1 to 85 .

    Skip pvp-dangerous things- istances.

    If an elixir expired and you join istance .. complete all quests but before giving them in activate it and then go back to lvling.
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