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    Why does this constantly happen?

    Hey all, i have been experiencing problems these past few weeks on RaidFinder and so far it has been ridiculous. I won't wait the 30 minute wait so i pay for faster ques. Problem is, IT IS ALWAYS MID WAY THROUGH! If its not that and i get a full run, usually the tank or healer leaves and it kicks me with them. ALSO unfair. It should not remove me, it has happened way too many times and i have waited with deserter too many times. This is sort of a rant thread but also pointing out that the system is really messed up. I mean how do i get last boss or mid way through EVERY SINGLE TIME!?!?!? There should be no absolute reason for that to happen. When i get removed from a group from a FULL run that really irritates me. Not just that, i have to wait 30 MINUTES every time!

    Is this happening to anyone else or am i the only one? It is truly frustrating for me. How do i stop getting this damn deserter EVERY single time also?

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    If you complete the mid way run chanses of you getting a fresh run next time you que should be larger.

    The reason you get deserter when the tank or healer leaves is because you're abusing the system to get a que over a dps by it's own and blizzard fixed it by kicking the entire group if someone leaves.
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    I don't even know anymore.
    Queue up normally and wait like everyone else. Problem solved.
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    It's because you are joining LFR with a group so you can get in faster, It's the system of LFR, if you don't want to get kicked if ur partner leaves, just join alone?
    I never had that long LFR's anymore since Cataclysm, average of mine is 15minutes.
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Or you could just do what everyone else does and finish the run so you can requeue and finish the bosses you missed. Tell the tank & healer not to drop.

    You're abusing the system to get a faster queue, which is why you get booted.

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    Stop bitching and deal with it? All I play is dps so I wait in the queues, every week. Find something else to do while you wait. Don't think because you are paying for queues you deserve any different than all the other dps that actually wait. I hope you get the last boss every time you queue.

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    getting removed when a tank or healer you queued with leaves has been in since...like 4.1 or something. it was in dungeons before LFR even existed.

    also, as for not getting full runs, that's just the luck of the draw, and your lucky card must be on the bottom of the deck.

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    You shouldn't get kicked as long as you and the person helping you queue load into the raid. If they leave party before they accept queue and enter the raid, then it kicks both of you. I do this all the time with my healer friend who is sick of LFR.
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    I always join alone, but thats not always good too... two weeks ago i got a 4 hour and 15 minutes waiting time for ToES LFR :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigsilly
    You shouldn't get kicked as long as you and the person helping you queue load into the raid. If they leave party before they accept queue and enter the raid, then it kicks both of you. I do this all the time with my healer friend who is sick of LFR.
    I think they fixed this with 5.3 actually.

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    You pay a healer or tank for faster queues. And you expect to receive a proper run by the game. There is your problem. The healer or tank that you are paying have no say on the quality of your run. And you can't pay the game to treat you better.

    As to why you end up in half-finished runs: healers and tanks are less numerous than dpsers, especially tanks. So when a healer or tank in LFR drops out, the pool of players to replace him is smaller, hence more likely that your paid queue-booster will be chosen.

    As for the reason you get removed along with your hired hand: it's because the system works that way that if a member of a group that joined LFR together leaves a run, all are removed alongside him.

    Maybe you also suffer the results of bad karma. Whenever I queued with a group from my guild that had a tank or healer or both among us, we rarely got in a half-finished run. Last time actually we did all Throne of Thunder wings, from first to last, and always got in a fresh run.

    Perhaps it is time you tried to do things the proper way and queued on your own without trying to abuse the system?

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    From the tweets portion of the News post on the front page:
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    If you group with a tank or healer who quits (just to get you a fast queue) you get dropped as well. #whyyoucan'thavenicethings
    So, that's that.
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    Its Blizzards way of saying "stop paying for queues". It gets you in faster, but makes it slower for people queuing solo, and the raid who need a tank/healer replacing if the one you queue with leaves. Not sure why you think its unfair - is it fair that you are slowing other people down because you paid a player some gold?

    You getting a run in progress in no way means the system is messed up - its in fact doing what its supposed to, replacing players that leave or get kicked.
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    Well, to be fair it was getting pretty annoying when you start a LFR and both of the tanks drop out instantly. I don't mind waiting 15 mins for a LFR queue, I do mind waiting for 15 mins INSIDE THE RAID because tanks keep quitting as soon as they've got a DPS in. You ARE pushing in front of other people, and their queue times are longer because of it, thanks for that! Blizzard has finally fixed it.

    As for joining halfway through, just finish the raid and dont drop out instantly, and then you'll have a MUCH greater chance of being at the start next time you queue.

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