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    Aye, things can be screwy in between talents as tank or healer. All you can do is figure out how the meagre talents you do have scale (and operate if unsure). Although some scaling/difficulty adjustments might need to happen I'd like to see both tanks and healers get all talents at lvl30-40. New spells in these builds feel like a relief rather than a bonus.

    I levelled pala and warr prots in cata, there is pronounced damage differences between them. The only places I noticed some difficulty (aka fun) was Dire Maul(west wing) and the blackrock ones. Places like ZF and Sunken Temple were a breeze.

    Have to say that as a tank, I love the 5man blackrock instances. I did them at minimum lfd lvl and besides having a healer refuse to heal me because of my lvl (didn't even try) I had a really good crack with the other players. They are long and technical in places and although they took a long time to queue for, the people who queued or stay are there for business. Look forward to them chaps

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    Dont be frightend, itll get better soon. Cant exactly remembe which level exactly, but at arround 50-60 I noticed that I wasnt taking much dmg in 5mans and did 50% of the damage, so I tried soloing the 5mans, which worked perfectly up to level 80.
    just use your HoPo for selfheal with WoG if necessary, otherwise use them for damage with WoG (forget SotR), use sacred shield and seal of insight = profit. Half the speed, but 4-5 times the EP :-)
    Even cleared lvl 80 heroic inis solo (the forge of souls). Didnt work oit post-80 though anymore.

    Prot pala is a sick class to level. WoG off the GCD is a bit OP for selfheals in the lower levels.
    Ps: get a heal offspecc and you can LFD as tank+dps+heal = instant invs :-)

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