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    <RBG HERO> of Tichondrius Now Recruiting!

    Who we are : A PvP guild that primarily focuses its efforts on Rated Battlegrounds and Arena play. We also are avid world pvp enthusiasts. Many of our core has been playing the game since launch and has spent most of the past few years on Tich or Illidan.

    When do we play?: We currently are running RBG's all the time. We have set RBG Leaders who organized mostly full guild RBG's during evening and early morning hours. Our goal is to have 3-4 full guild dedicated RBG Groups running @ all hours of the day. Additionally we will have alt groups.

    Why should you join?: You should join if you enjoy the social aspect and nature of grouped and organized PvP. We are mostly looking for mature pvpaholics. If you enjoy winning at all costs, theorycrafting, lack drama and put your guild first - We would like to hear from you.

    ** - We are currently one of the largest RBG Guilds running and as such we have become a beacon for all things RBG. We have many players from top pvp servers creating alts in our guild to check and look for RBG/Arena. We rank you up as you normally would be in the guild on your alt once you are verified and achievements have been checked.

    Currently, We are about 2 weeks old. We have many talented players, ranging from 1800 new promising talent to Gladiators and Heroes of the Horde. Our goal is to amass and become the largest and most successful RBG Guild in WoW History.

    Eventually, we would like to run a large scale sanctioned RBG Tournament with prizes and glory.

    If you would like more information, please seek out the following players on Tichondrius - Horde ( Bamboozledd, Madousa, Passivefist, Wildmagikarp or Neytiri)

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    Alliance for all, will switch if I'm interested
    US (from Canada)
    1960 is the highest rating I have achieved this season. I've palying in plenty of 2k-2.1k games though. (Rogue just dinged 90 a few days ago). 1850 in 3s.
    1880 lock (1960 highest)/1920 war (1967 highest)/1100 rogue (just dinged) in RBGS 1850 for war and lock in 3s. Haven't tried to push really, I prefer rbgs on those characters.
    I play affliction/arms/subtelty. I do not play destruction, I get very bored playing it. As Affliction I average 30-45k dps a game and 120+ ccs, As a warrior I average 30-35k dps and about 15 interrupts.
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    [A][EU] Resto Druid, LF 3's 1800 (end of season push for titles)

    Hey, First time using mmo-champion to find a partners so thought I would give it a go.

    Would like to get a few guys experienced enough together to push for rival, cutoff is basically around 1842.

    Would preferably like to play with DK/WAR or Hunter shaman but open to suggestions

    Im at 1500 so far and have playing experience up to 1900 so I believe it is possible

    can play most days most times send me an ingame message #Wrathix2795

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    Vengeful Dawn recruiting for World PVP!

    Vengeful Dawn, a guild that is infamous for its ruthless dedication in the effort to fight back the overwhelming Alliance forces, has opened its doors to all members of the Horde seeking to hit the enemy where it hurts. New recruits have been flooding in over the past few weeks, giving us the opportunity to achieve massive feats such as storming through enemy capitals and slaying their leaders. With Warlords of Draenor just around the corner, now is the best time to apply, as we have plans to wreak havok across this savage new world. As a member of Vengeful Dawn, you would experience the very best that World PvP has to offer as well as a fully fleshed out community to get involved in.

    Here is something special for the World of Warcraft community, Enjoy the show and visit !

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on my battle-tag Dagy#2286

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    High Overlord Silentrogue's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Your character's name: Hadoouken
    Which faction: Horde
    What server you play on: Ragnaros
    Region: EU
    Your armory:
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: RBGs - 1965
    Your current ratings in the bracket you wish to play: 2v2, 3v3, RBGs
    Your playing schedule: everyday 18:00 server time
    Alternative ways to contact you : private msg me here on MMO

    Hello all...I am a Mistweaver Monk, got real skills. unfortunately i haven't been lucky in finding any serious team as I play on Ragnaros EU which is pure pve realm.

    I am looking for a serious RBG team / Guild to play with permanently and im aiming high 2.2k+, my best score in RBGs was 1.965 K.

    If there's a good serious pvp guild out there that needs a MW monk i am willing to transfer, or even if a serious RBG team im willing to dedicate my toon just to it.

    Other pvp toons that i own are: Lock, Rogue, Healing Priest (recently started playing it frequently in pvp)

    hope to hear from you guys.

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    Dec 2010
    Tamworth, England
    Your character's name: Wontong
    Which faction: Horde
    What server you play on: Shattered Hand
    Your armory:
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: 2196
    Your current ratings in the bracket you wish to play:
    Your playing schedule: late night during the week after 12am server time, 11pm weekends
    Which timezone you live: EU
    Which class/spec you are looking for: Any thats viable
    Your guilds name (in case of a guild recruiting here): NA
    Alternative ways to contact you (Placing your e-mail here is not smart though) battletag: Gamble#2633

    I have reached 2196 on my Rshaman but i want to play WW as my main from now on so looking at playing this to similar/above the rating ive played at previous.

    Due to work commitments/Family i can only play at around 12am server time during the week and around 11pm server time at the weekends. I can play till late tho

    Looking for similar players that can play at this time, not to bothered if your not high rated aslong as your willing to learn and develop and dont have to get up too early :P

    Also looking for a serious RBG guild who maybe likes to raid aswell. Dont mind changing server or faction but not both together.( too expensive )

    Message me on my battletag to have a chat

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    Your character's name: Jothium (Ret pally)
    Which faction: Alliance
    What server you play on: Auchindoun (PVP)
    Your armory:
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: Got 1.8k exp in 2's, wanting to play 3's now this season (WILL PLAY WITH EVERYONE EAGER TO LEARN).
    Your playing schedule:
    - Mon, Wed, Fri = Starting mostly around 6 PM server time, can play till 11 PM
    - Tue, Thur = Football training, so no go.
    - Sat = evening, depends if I go out or not
    - Sun = mostly whole day
    Which timezone you live: EU (Belgium)
    Which class/spec you are looking for: Prefer Hunter/Mage & Rshaman
    Alternative ways to contact you (Placing your e-mail here is not smart though): Send me a PM with your battlenet


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    Character's name: Eversian
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Ragnaros
    Region: EU
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: 1870. 2680 on my ex-main Shaman. Proof.
    Your current ratings in the bracket you wish to play: 1500.
    Your playing schedule: Nearly every evening (4 out of 7) and several afternoons.
    Which timezone you live: The Netherlands (UTC +0/GMT +1)
    Looking for: Holy Paladin. Planning on Hunter/EnhShaman/HPala. Hunter has 2.2k+ experience, is around 1500 currently.
    Contact: PM here or add me in-game: Seditiar#2818, please add MMO-C or something to the message when adding.

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    Does anyone reply to this or or get any responses? Worth another try I guess...

    Battletag, Alex#28824
    Character's name: Kalldor, Jander
    Faction: Alliance
    Region: EU
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: 2250. 2,100 on a healer. My monk last season.
    Your current ratings in the bracket you wish to play: 1800 on Monk, 1600 on Shaman
    Your playing schedule: Every evening is avaliable
    Which timezone you live: (UTC +0/GMT +1)
    Looking for: Preferably looking to play my shaman, not played it much, but I want to push rating. I'm a bit bored of my monk, but could have gone higher last season but took a break for school.

    So open to, Mage, Lock, Shaman, LSD2, Rogue Priest Shaman etc. Open to most. I just want to improve and push rating and enjoy the game.

    Please be actually decent, light hearted and know how to peel.

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    HORDE-US: 1700cr Shadow Priest looking for a 2k push. I have 1900xp.

    Real ID: jrock#1742

    Armory: Eeylops @ Black Dragonflight

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    Horde-EU i am looking for people to grind the Khan title with. I currently only need the wins for it but i am willing to help you with whatever achievement you need aswell. I got a teamspeak and i also play arenas so we might also do other stuff. If you're interested add Medurion#1711 Cheers

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    Alliance 1542 Mage LF RBGs
    Rank 14 in vanilla on mage
    Gladiator in BC on paladin
    Gladiator BC and WOTLK on mage
    Skipped Cataclysm and just started to pvp this season. 1542 rating after pugging 16 YOLOs on oQueue, winning 10.

    Name: Pyrodig
    Class: Mage
    Spec: Frost
    Btag: hoorahbear#1542
    Armory: (two prideful rest grievous in case I am in PvE gear, weapons next week)
    Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday nights. Everyday except Sunday during the day.

    Looking for a stable team to grind ratings and games with.
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    2k Frost/Arcane Mage LF 2k+ group to push for Hero

    Your character's name: Kenbud
    Which faction: Horde
    What server you play on: Kil'Jaeden
    Region: US
    Your armory:
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: Few points shy of 2100 i believe in season 12
    Your current ratings in the bracket you wish to play: 1975
    Your playing schedule: Pretty much any time
    Which timezone you live: Hawaiian
    Your guilds name (in case of a guild recruiting here): Vis Major
    Alternative ways to contact you (Placing your e-mail here is not smart though) battletag: Kenbud#1487

    I play both Arcane and Frost equally well but with weps and trinks Arcane burst is unreal and i have been partial to it as of late. The majority of the last 2 season have been spent dancing around 2k because queuing in to Abn and Bail multiple times a night effectively halts any push my inconsistent team can muster. Very good player, very vocal, just looking for an equally skilled and like minded team.

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    (H) PVP Guild Burning Legion EU - RBG's/World PVP/Arena/BattleGrounds

    “LoveEsports” a PVP Guild on Burning Legion EU.

    Hello Everyone

    I had a dream, of a PVP guild in it for the long run, not created for 1 week or a revolving door of invites and leavers.

    Firstly I would like to introduce myself and explain my background and goals to help you understand my inspiration for creating this guild. I am 30 years old living in the UK and been playing WoW on and off for 7 years. I started off in PVE and ran a successful raiding guild for 2 years on Dragonblight EU and we were top 10.

    I also have taken an active part in PVP over the years and it has slowly become my passion, I am successful PC gamer in many different games including StarCraft, DOTA2, and LeagueofLegends where I have achieved a high standard of rank. On WoW I have achieved 2000 + in 2’s 1800 in 3’s and just under 2000 in RBG’s. I have also racked up over 100,000 horde kills on my various accounts.

    I have not given WoW 100% attention over the past 1-2 years but I am returning to it as my main game. I have always longed for a PVP guild that actually embraced all types of PVP including RBG and World PVP. I believe this game was much more fun when we were doing 30-40 man hits on capital cities or spending hours running to our corpses in the barrens.

    Some of the PVP changes in WOD have really got me excited, and I think with the right structure a PVP guild who cares about its members and offers them cool things to do could really flourish.

    What will the guild offer you:

    • A mature, fun, and structured PVP experience.
    • World PVP organised fights in cool and fun locations
    • Organised world PVP Events which will feature cool ideas and features
    • Organised battleground teams
    • RBG Teams
    • Arena Teams and in guild tournaments via the new arena features coming in WoD
    • Once up and running a Youtube channel to post our endeavours
    • A dedicated Twitter feed to promote the guild
    • A dedicated Facebook to promote the guild
    • A dedicated website to promote and keep up with the guild
    • PVP events and ideas that go beyond just completing a battleground

    What will you need to be and disclaimers:

    • This is a NEW guild as of today, do not expect level 25 and 25 events instantly posted.
    • You will need to be 18+ Years of age and have voicecoms
    • PVE runs will not be posted in this guild, however if you want to PVE that’s fine.
    • I am fully supportive of people levelling a new toon in this guild before WOD
    • We will not accept purchased level 90 toons with no prior WoW experience at this stage.

    The server has a reputation for being Polish heavy, aside from the odd trade channel message I have not had any issues at all and I am English, it has a great Horde/Alliance Ratio.

    I cannot stress enough this is a new project, and will take time to grow, however I am fully behind this 100% and will make it work. The ideas I have I think PVP’ers will find new and exciting.

    The guild will be going full flow in WOD. We will of course aim to get things up and running as soon as possible but it will take the help and dedication for anyone who wants to join to make this work.

    If you love PVP, and want to be a part of something from its very roots, I would love to hear from you.

    I will not reply to messages on here please add my battle tag - evans465#2422

    Thank you.

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    Stay Frosty-

    Looking for recruit a healer for our core rbg spot. We are located on US Zuljin,Horde
    Some rbg experience
    Working clear mic
    Healing mods
    Full griev + some prideful
    Knowledgeable of your own class
    Willing to work as a team.

    You can contact me through here, or in game sunnitokes#1801 is my bnet, and my ingame name on Zuljin is Sunniitokes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bare 'Bones' Info
    Yaegar - Moon Guard US (Horde)
    Desired Brackets - 2v2 / 3v3 / 5v5
    Ideal Composition - Considering most options
    Highest Rating - 1800
    Rating Goal - 2000+
    Timezone - Mountain Standard Time
    Play schedule - Varies (Weekends are usually good)
    Battle Tag - Bones#1836
    Alternative Contact - Message on MMO-Champion
    Looking for weekly conquest points or a season 15 rating push? Just want to put the laughter back into slaughter? All character specific information can be found in my armory, which is linked below, in my signature image. My schedule varies somewhat, as I'm currently a student. However, most weekends are free, and I can usually get on for a few games during the evenings on weekdays. I'm situated in the MST timezone, so take that for what you will. Sound good so far? Well, read on dear friend.

    I'm currently looking to participate in any of the three arena brackets (2v2, 3v3, or 5v5), though I have the most experience in 2v2 and 3v3 respectively. Composition isn't of a major concern to me, though I'd like to avoid shared CC diminishing returns if at all possible, with regards to any rating pushes. I'm destruction, but I would be willing to try out some Affliction play in 3v3 and / or 5v5. This will only be a consideration once my gear stabilizes, and I've found a viable damage partner (Affliction is very dependant on this latter aspect). Even then, I'd really prefer to stay with destruction, as I enjoy the playstyle quite a bit. My primary goal is to break 2k this season, and improve my personal play as much as possible.

    If you don't like competitive arenas, but still want to PvP with me, I'm highly interested in dueling and / or war games. The practice is extremely helpful, and I would really appreciate the opportunity to duel until I improve against various classes. Worried about potential gear disparity? I'll happily duel with a weaker set to even things out a bit. Battlegrounds are also a potential consideration, depending on the interest.

    Thanks very much for reading. Even if you're not interested in PvP, feel free to drop me a line any time. My battletag is Bones#1836. Just put a note in the friend request so that I know who you are, and why you're contacting me. Alternatively, you can message me here on MMO-Champion.

    Anyway, that's it for me. Hope the day treats you well, strangers. Cheers.
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    Bracket: 3v3 or RBG

    Your character name:
    Cirayne - Rogue
    Cirayne - Death Knight
    Synikal - Hunter
    Arsiel - Warlock
    Kondemned - Druid

    Which faction: Horde
    What server you play on: Korgath or Emerald Dream
    Region: US
    Your armory:
    Rogue -
    Death Knight -
    Hunter -
    Warlock -
    Druid -
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: ~1800
    Your current ratings in the bracket you wish to play: 0
    Your playing schedule: Sunday - Thursday 3:30pm - 11:00pm EST; Friday 3:30pm - Whenever
    Which timezone you live: EST
    Your guilds name (in case of a guild recruiting here): Blood Lotus, Spectre, Bee Sting (All Dead Guilds)
    Battletag: Cirayne#1394
    Alternative ways to contact you: MMO-Champion

    Additional Comments: I'd say I'm an above average player that hasn't really had a group to try to push rating. All my experience has been very casual. I'd like to find some people that are looking to play together, become better and possibly continue playing into WoD.
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    "Clearly every aspect of one's life, from financial stability to social popularity, to sexual prowess can be boiled down to 4 numbers: One's Arena rating" ~ Xandamere

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    Hello, I am a Horde orc hunter LF nice, fixed 3v3 team. I'm 1940 exp, standing at around 1800 cr (would like you to be the same or similiar cr). No problems with TS in both English and Polish language. Please, post here or feel free to write to me
    Battletag: Magnus117#2455
    I play on EU. Character name is Kanthas. I've played in KFC, PHD and Enh/Hunter/Druid (can't remember what it's called). You can contact me via battletag, or simply send a message on MMO-Champ.

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    LF 3v3 People

    US - Horde
    Luvtap - Kil'Jaeden'jaeden/luvtap/advanced
    Luvstruk - Kil'Jaeden
    Titsnwigglez - Eitrigg

    Highest Rating: ~1700
    Current Rating: ~600-1400
    Times Available: anyday from ~8:00pm - 1:00am MDT (work a 2 wk on 2 wk off schedule, so i might not be on at all for stretches)
    Battletag: Pyromanikk#1643

    A little more info:
    Looking to increase my Battle Tag Pool of people to run Arena with as it’s a little empty at times, Both Heals and DPS. I’m currently running my WW Monk, MM/SV Hunter and Enh Shaman and willing to run any viable comp. I’ve got ~1700xp, never pushed seriously but would like the chance to see what I actually got . I’m looking mainly to build synergy with other players as I currently only run with IRL people and get a feel for how a few comps play in order to push some rating as the season progresses. Due to my work schedule (2wk on 2wk off) I’m usually not full conquest gear until late season and you’ll out gear me or pass me on an alt fast (bar RNG celestial drops) but as I mentioned this is mainly to make new buds for later on and have fun NOW either with your mains or alts! I’m chill to run with, helpful and fine with being criticized for improvement as well. Feel free to add me (Pyromanikk#1643) or check out my toons, I’ll accept any BattleTags once I’m at home Tuesday.

    Hope to see you in game

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    Looking for 2s, 3s, and 5s Partners to push Gladiator.

    I am looking for Alliance Players to push Gladiator this season on my Warrior, please be 2200 exp+. Also please have a CR of at least 1700 and have hours to play at a time! Post if you're interested!

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