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    I have 30k to my name, how should I invest it?

    So I have 30k to my name, and after having a recent chat with a few friends I've realized that I'm way behind compared to everyone else! I think my best interest is for me to use this gold and help level a profitable profession.

    I'm currently 600/600 LW/Skinning, however I'm leveling a DK right now and I think I could probably drop skinning for another profession, except what?

    I've heard that JC is a great profitable profession, but I know nothing about it.

    I'm interested in enchanting since I saved most of the stuff I made from leveling LW that I could disenchant and sell them, but does dust really sell for much these days? How does enchanting make money?

    I'm not too interested in gathering professions, more so crafting. I wanted enchanting to replace skinning so that I could get +160agi on my rings, but I've heard that's expensive to level. Likewise with JC, although from what I've heard the profits are astounding.

    What profession should I invest my gold in instead of wasting it on a mount or bags I really can't afford.

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    If you intend on playing the dk, then purely for the purposes of hassle free income consider enchanting, its pretty expensive to level up, but you can get valuable mats out of the gear you replace. Blood Spirits and Haunting Spirits have been really nice this expansion. If the trend follows we can expect a new material with each new tier.

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    The only reason JC is so profitable is because oft he large amount of cuts people have. If you just start out with JC now, you will only have a handful of cuts and thus it will not be very profitable in the first month or so, depending on how lucky you get with which random cuts you learn from your daily CD and Harmony uses.

    Just keep that in mind if you pick JC, it's a slow burning but yes, once your established with a host of good cuts for each color you can make a decent amount, just getting to that stage can take a bit of time.

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    Enchanting and alchemy would be 2 that are easy to make gold off. Alch you can just login, sell your living steel cooldown for 150-200g and log out. And enchanting is, especially this xpac, is the best money making profession by far. If you raid normal and are looking into HC, you can break your normal gear and sell haunting spirits, or roll on bosses and break that gear. If you are lucky, you can get a few in the 1st week of a new patch. They sell upwards of 20k each (on silvermoon eu anyway) and this xpac they were bugged, dropping on LFR gear in the 1st day. I made 45k in 1 day of enchanting just breaking LFR gear. Hopefully they add a new item thats gained by disenchanting items, pretty much a gold mine.

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