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    Maybe they wanted hunters to sort of look like Geth.

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    The boots are nice; I like those big boots instead of those 'socks' we have in most tiers.

    Otherwise mediocre set, so far.

    Lets wait for the shoulders. As for helm, that can be hidden

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    How are you able to view it in the 3D model viewer? When I click on any of the images that should open the 3D model viewer, nothing happens. T____T Is my Java broke or?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    Face laser.

    Face laser.
    I don't know if I love it or hate it. I most definitely something it.
    EDIT: Note, it's either still missing shoulders, or the shoulders are stuck halfway inside the helm model. Brace yourselves, we might have LASER SHOULDERS. Nobody knows!
    Yes the shoulders will also be laser-style. Just check the icon:
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    Definitely a fan. Very Titan-y. Looks to be a recurring theme with this tier.
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    What the hell is this? Both the season 14 hunter set and this are awful man.

    I guess...thanks for transmog?

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    I like it a lot, it's very derivative of the "titanesque" feel, like a titanstalker or something. and the shoulders are rolled into the actual head, if you look at the human version on WoWhead, you can see that they're on there, just not in the right spot.

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    I was looking at the other class sets and getting excited. Then, I seen the hunter stuff. Man... This helm is exaggerated poorly on the troll male. Which my hunter happens to be. Just my opinion of course.

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    Dear christ, what an awful-looking set. I don't know what I was expecting for this tier, but it certainly wasn't this. Definitely going to skip over this tier and xmog it if I happen to get it. :| Nothing against those that like it, however. I just personally think it looks god-awful.

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    The helm is incredibly stupid, but I think I like the rest of it. I'll be wearing my Crown of Destruction anyways, so doesn't really matter I guess.

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    It's fucking horrendous. Maybe the shoulders will make it better, but they would have to be INCREDIBLE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    It's fucking horrendous. Maybe the shoulders will make it better, but they would have to be INCREDIBLE.
    From the icon someone linked, the shoulders look like helms on shoulders. That image do it for ya?

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    Thank god for xmog, if the boots are the bulky varient (like the t11 ones) i may use the boots, but that's about it. rest of it is meh

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    The hell is dat helm

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    I kind of like it to be honest, it's different. I'll hold complete judgement til I can see it in it's fully glory and not just go off what it kinda looks like on a worgen kneeling and the icon. But I think I'll probably use it for a little while. If not, I can always go back to my full Scourgestalker get.

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    looks like the Unharnessed Power adds which are spawned by Lei shen

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    transmog ftw!

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    for people that haven't realised it yet, the shoulders are not missing, they are just misplaced and piled up under the head, making the headpiece look much larger than it actualy is. It's much easier to understand when looking at it animated here:;9;124339:3+0

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    I did some tweaking of the shoulder models with model viewer and sort of managed to "fix" the shoulders:

    Looks alot nicer like that
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