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    Lockout Question

    I'm still slightly confused here, so can someone finally absolve me of this confusion

    If I am saved to a HM lockout, and I 100% locked to that, or can I join another ID on the same HM boss?
    I know I could have others join this lockout and get them saved, but is there any possibility of me joining another or not?
    (Say we fail to down HM Twins this week, can I join another group doing HM Twins or no?)

    As far as I know, we are locked to our unique raid ID no matter?

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    I will clarify

    You can get saved to any normal mode boss and then join a group with the same number or greater of bosses killed than you of either 10 or 25 man.
    If you get saved to a HC raid, you cannot join any other HC group unless it is the same raid ID (i.e. people from the original raid). Also when raiding HC you cannot switch between 25 man and 10 man Heroic, however if you choose to go back to normal mode you can do so freely again.

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