When I was waiting for the ship in Baradin Bay the old STV music started playing and it kind of teleported me like 6 years back on time. I had that great feeling once again, where you had just arrived in STV for the first time.

It was a complete jungle, not only in game but also for your senses. Finding enemies all over, having to WALK all the way down taking care of those tigers and monkeys which would mostly get you into some serious trouble. Being a level 36 and having to hide from the powerful lvls 40 and their fresh mounts, willinig to test their new skills on you.
You totally thought that you had saved the day hiding behind that stone close to the bridge, didn't you? Check again.... AMBUSH! that nasty lvl ?? rogue just ganked you again.

This time just release spirit and try luck solving the nesingwary gather quests, there's a bunch of XP waiting for you but the enemy won't give a chance! It looks clear but you can still feel their eyes, somewhere behind the trees, it might just be the alligators on the sand, but it totally feels like a war is about to explode.It's done so now you make haste to leave the area. As you swim along the river out of that place, give a look back thinking how lucky you've been as you see another player approaching, but he is not that lucky as the enemy has already crowded the area. In just a matter of seconds they came from all over the map. Fortunate you managed to dodge the foes, a pity how a mysterious warlock dot just one shot you in the river.