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    Happy Fire Mage Saturday

    Hi everyone,

    After a somewhat exhausting week, spending more hours that I ought to have done researching WoW Mage Theory Craft in the web, I discovered a lot of facts about the history of SimC, Elitist Jerks, TheoryCraft-O-Rama, and the reality of some situations which had been puzzling to me.

    I ended up making the ghastly mistake of posting in the Official Blizzard Forums, attempting to obtain some factual admissions from certain people, but instead became the target of verbal abuse and accusations that I was doing my best to be hurtful, when I had done nothing more than spend my time in a scholarly manner and then posting the unexpurgated findings.


    I need some HAPPY Fire Mage stories, please.

    I know that this is not truly the place for this, but there are so very many incredible people who play Mages, and there simply MUST be some truly fun and wonderful anecdotes which can be shared, and which might also be beneficial to all of us newcomers who need the occasional "bucking up" and who enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations of mastering even the smallest aspect of our Spec. I know that I could stand hearing some good stories about how this or that new mechanic was introduced to the game, and some of the wilder side-effects which occurred at times when instituting them.

    My example, from the Durumu Normal encounter, was the day that Blink wasn't working too well, and I ended up soaring across the room and ended up stuck in the wall, while trying to learn how to merely get to the edge of the platform. Did you know that the wall is just enough distant from the edge of the platform that nothing can be done to battle rez you? There I was, legs and arse sticking out of the wall (with the animations of walking going on), and I had to wait for the group to down the boss. Not a pretty picture, but hilarious as I look back on it.

    So, tempting the Moderators and their Fickle Finger of On-Topic Fate, I ask everyone to relate a good and fun story to help us all in this trying time of MoP and the upcoming 5.4


    "Never underestimate the depth of stupidity." Robert Heinlein

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    dont know exactly what you are looking for, but i have a story I will share of bugs that were funny in retrospect:

    Did you know that iceblock doesnt block all damage? On iron qon progression I iceblocked during thunderstorm after being caught in a tornado like a dumbass. Well I also had the arcing lightning debuff, and IT STILL DOES DAMAGE THROUGH ICEBLOCK. So I went down to 1 hp, cauterized (i got the debuff but my hp did not reset to 50%, stayed at 1 hp), and died. I was the only one to die that fight until final phase...

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    Do I say OUCH or pass a bandage?

    I didn't know that Ice Block didn't stop current damage, but it's a good thing to know.

    I hope that you got a decent drop, at least.

    "Never underestimate the depth of stupidity." Robert Heinlein

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    The first time I did Tortos as a fire mage, I managed to get semi-lucky and spread a truely massive combustion to the turtles. My eyes lit up like a christmas tree and the entire turtle wave was alive for about 5 seconds after passing through Tortos Moments like that make fire so delicious.

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    It's always nice when you bugger up the Focused Lightning timing on Heroic Jin'rohk and alter time with an orb back into the conductive waters just in time for it to blow up the raid.

    Or just as fun when you forget blink doesn't work on Durumu's platform and blink with the blue beam and somehow end up right in front of the blue add

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